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  1. suzukipoo

    Guts seat foam

    So i received my guts tall soft seat with competition cover and wow its perfect except for it a bit to tall but will get used to it! Thanx for the advice from you all!! Good product and awesome service!
  2. suzukipoo

    Guts seat foam

    Thanx for allll the info looks like i will be ordering the tall soft with competition seat cover!!! Thanx!!!!!!!
  3. suzukipoo

    Guts seat foam

    Forgot to ask how much higher are the guts tall foam against the guts stock foam??
  4. suzukipoo

    Guts seat foam

    So the tall soft would be like the oem height? But just softer?
  5. suzukipoo

    Guts seat foam

    Hi there, could someone please help me with the stock seat of my 2007 wr450f, it is way to hard for long enduro`s so i tried to soften it by cutting a piece away and use softer foam but no luck now its all s$%t and ugly! Some dudes here on TT have used the "guts tall soft" foam but i was wondering if the stock cover will fit the "tall" foam or sould i get the "Standard height soft" one?
  6. suzukipoo

    JB weld on plastic tank

    Try bakingsoda and a strong supper glue!! Take some 60-100 grid sandpaper and sand in and around the crack then fill the crack(if you can)with soda add some drops of glue ontop,this will make a super strong glue hold!!! Try on some other plastic first!!! In south africa they call it Q-BOND!!!!
  7. suzukipoo

    best looking wr

    And mine 07wr450
  8. suzukipoo

    WR steering Dampner

    +2 on the scotts damper!!
  9. suzukipoo

    before and after pics........

    Where did you get the white front headlight plastic and the rear tail piece did you need to modify the rear or is it for a wr?
  10. suzukipoo

    spark plugs

    I use the ngk cr8eIX works better than the stock cr8e my bike REALY starts better!!!
  11. suzukipoo

    my 07 WR450 :)))

    She gonna look like this?
  12. I just installed new jets last night and did the o-ring mod! 2007 WR450. 4000-6000f, 75-95 Ferenheid Main jet 165 Pilot jet 45 Leak jet 40 Fuel screw 1.5 Just make sure that the AP screw is set at what the manuel (2007) shows mine is on page 4-19!
  13. suzukipoo

    Brake Pads

    Need new pads but don`t know what to get oem pads are to exspensive had a look at EBC MX-S what do you guys think? Need them for my wr450 07 front and rear!
  14. suzukipoo

    FMF Q4 Muffler

    Got a factory 4.1 my 07 wr450 and love it too much!!
  15. suzukipoo

    Cleaning alloy frame

    I use ali-bright!!