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  1. KX250F_Timster

    Help - Seized Hot start lever.

    cool - many thanks, glad to hear it's not anything major!
  2. KX250F_Timster

    Help - Seized Hot start lever.

    Hi all, my mate has just bought an 05 250F and it's pretty tidy and seems to run well (haven't ridden it in anger yet tho.) but the hot start lever hardly moves at all. Before we get worried, has anybody heard of this before? It might just be the obvious gunked up cable but if it isn't what should we look for? Thanks!
  3. KX250F_Timster

    Starting Procedure KX250F '04

    thanks for that. I'm having a few problems with kicking it over - the guy i bought it off said that you should push the kick it very gently until the piston is at the bottom and then kick hard once to start. This works really well when i manage to guess where the piston is! How do you know when the piston is in the right place?
  4. KX250F_Timster

    Starting Procedure KX250F '04

    Hi all, I'm new to motocross and am absolutely loving it! I've got an '04 KX250F and, having previously ridden a 125KTM, am amazed at how much easier it is to handle a 4 stroke machine. Forgive my ignorance and stupidity but just for the record - what is the correct starting procedure on my bike? Thanks guys!