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  1. del. a litle bit to far, i am at the top of NJ. ct
  2. I am in North NJ, you can't get any more north than here! I am thinking of driving to 2 places in PA, but my Qaud is brand new no skid plates yet! i hear they are full of huge rocks, no fun. I am going somewhere Sunday, It's me and my buddy 2 respectable adults looking to ride, and yes we keep good secrets! Where we live, state park, but rangers and the police make it hard. Only in the snow, we can ride! I travel to ride all the time, but just found this forum! Let me know if i can join anybody this weekend! Tracks, trails, dunes whatever, just want to ride all day with no problems or hassles! ctullock@kinreiusa.com Ready to go!! chris
  3. signed, this is great, considering Waywayanda State Park is my back Yard. Highland Lakes, NJ Where in NJ are you guys from?? Where do you ride?? ctullock@kinreiusa.com ct