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  1. auron

    650L to a 230L?

    Becuase of gas and perhaps my personal safety, I'm considering going down to a 230L. Problem is, I tried a 230F before buying my 650 and I didn't like the way the bike was a PITA to start and get warmed up. Ironically that's what I love about my 650, BAM starts on a dime every time and is ready to go almost right away. Got to be the best starting bike ever made.
  2. auron

    08 650l

    yea, like hey look at me I'm a bleeping idiot! Done it hopefully only once
  3. auron

    08 650l

    The link will alter your suspension and not for the better. Try shaving down your stock seat in the shape of a Corbin. You'll gain width, and lowering the biggest factor in the bike's handling (you) will make the biggest difference of all. If that still doens't do it for you another inch off the link will be enough.
  4. auron

    XR650L Video

    Awww mannnnn! Don't you know it's winter here! Fantastic post though!
  5. auron

    Acerbis for XRL

    Obviously, mounting one of these isn't going to overheat your engine but over time, is it possible that the crouding of the engine by the tank could be a bad thing? I'm interested in one because of the dual-petcocks do they allow for full drainage with out tipping the bike over? Does it use any stock petcock parts?
  6. The grey hose is in Pic #15, (on the link) it runs almost vertical off the smog thing and is just touching the fins 1/2 way up the cylinder
  7. http://www.4strokes.com/tech/honda/xrlsmog/ This is the great link for a 95', what has changed since then? Mine's an 06. Where does that small grey hose that connected to the smog thingy go? And will a gasket sealant good for 350F be good enough for the oval covers on teh cylinder head? Thanks!
  8. auron

    Modifying your seat

    Before I buy a Renazaca or somthing I was thinking about cutting into the one I have and see what I can do. I read on ADVrider that an electric carving knife works well, but what about a dremel? Also, how do you reattatch the cover?
  9. I'm sure this is the bike for all my needs except one area I'm not sure of. I need a bike that can get up to Georgetown on I-70 and over Kenosha Pass via 285. I have no interest in passing cars in the fast lane, I rarely went over 65 on my 650L, so I just need something that is going to get me to the dirt without too much drama. I would be leaving it as stock as possible as to not complicate jetting and maximize mileage. Also, the demo I briefly tried to a mother to get warmed up. Is that common?
  10. auron

    Who rebuilds seats?

    I've been searching for the guy that improves your stock seat but can't find it anywhere/ Anyone know of him?
  11. I know the R is 1; 3.083 and 2; 2.2125 Can anyone check the L?
  12. My last bike was a XR650L which was great on the road obviously but lack dirt capabilities. I'm thinking of concverting an XR400 but only if I can have close to the best of both worlds. I rarely recall getting my -1 front tooth 650 over 70 even though it did it easily. I'm perfectly happy doing 60 all day long though. Will the 400 suite me well? What are the must-mods that have to be done other that the usual requirments? Is it too light for not freeway speeds but fairly quick secondary roads? Thanks
  13. My main concerns amd questions are- 1) Getting enough juice out of the stator to reliably run the radiator fan and how do you know how long to run it if there's a manual switch? 2) The seat can be redone Renazko but will it be wide enough? 3) Can you hook up a 650L instrumentation wiring and speed-o cable? 4) Adding an electric starter 5) How much weight will all of this add? 6) Is it all worth it?
  14. auron

    It's here crf230L

    Whatever...the stroke is longer than the bore and it vibrates more than a 650L. The suspension is not plush at all, it's stiff and poorly damped for such a light bike. Damn you HONDA where's my 400L!
  15. auron

    It's here crf230L

    I owned one for 8 days.