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  1. fumunda

    Show your MRD

    Ya just clip the stock numberplate and your set. Its a little quiter, much deeper sound to it though.
  2. fumunda

    Show your MRD

  3. fumunda

    Silverwood pics. What a muddy/slushy mess!

    Looks awesome. Where did you guys stage?
  4. fumunda

    Baldy Mesa/Cajon Pass staging area during RR construction?

    Na you can ride down to the railroad tracks and take them across to the Baldy Mesa staging area. Its legal. Its on thier kiosk map.
  5. Just got a new 5th wheel. Can anyone recomend a quality hitchwork shop down here in OC? Thanks! -fu
  6. fumunda

    new duals

    You dont HAVE to cut you plastics like that. I dont think it looks half bad that way.
  7. fumunda

    southern cali riders husky monument

    Yup we camp on the other side of the 395, by the hills just pas the 2nd silver saddle sign. So we came in on the red road. 2 girls riding yami qauds, 2 more wr's then me on my red\black crf small world.
  8. fumunda

    what exhaust???

    Got the MRD Duals and love em!
  9. fumunda

    southern cali riders husky monument

    Wow I think we drove right by your camp this weekend in search of the monument. =) By looking at your map we were close. We got to about the the big tree then turned around. 55 miles + w/o a desert tank was a little unnerving. I guess theres next time. -fu
  10. Call them directly. They have great customer service. -fu
  11. fumunda

    Best GPS?

    I use the Garmin Rhino 510. Its great the wifey has one too. You have 16 mile chat radius can track the other units location from your gps. =)
  12. fumunda

    MRD Duel exhaust ride report.

    heres mine, I love the pipe as well. Pulls long and hard and really smoothed out the power.
  13. fumunda

    2007 crf 450 PICTURES

    It rubs a bit, doesnt melt, and pulls smooth and VERY hard! =)
  14. fumunda

    Header Pipe Guard Hose Clamps

    Its a 07 crf 450 with MRD Duals, full system. It doesnt have any of the mounting tabs. Ive tried calling E-line and just get a answering machine -fu
  15. fumunda

    Header Pipe Guard Hose Clamps

    But how do you attach the guard to the hose clamps?