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  1. lromine

    Looking for the ABC's of jetting the 450x

    HEY DR.... Do the pink wire mod and you won't be bouncing off the rev limiter so soon!!!!
  2. lromine

    blue smoke

    Mine has never done that??? Although it does burn a little oil, just no smoke that I have noticed. I do think that the oil burning is normal, and my oil level does go down slightly after a good ride, but no, I have never actally noticed any smoke????
  3. lromine

    Time for a new battery

    Hey Joe, I really didn't notice any differences to speak of as they all ended up needing replacment at the end of the day due to cycling them. However, with the battery tender, all my problems have been solved! I load the bike up, unload it at my campsite, and push the magic button! Before I would have to kick it and then ride for 30 min or so. Then, if it didn't start immediately, I would be kicking it again. Not that kicking the bike is too difficult, but I paid for the old man button and I want it to work. Now, with the tender, the battery is stronger than ever! In fact, the battery I have now was going to be replaced as it stopped holding a charge all together. However, the Optimate completly rejuvinated it and I am going to run it for the foreseeable future. This thing is way more than a trickle charger! Watch the video on the site and you will see. Also, the one I bought is actually labeld as a Honda unit. Knowing that Honda would put their name on a product that they don't actually make tells me that it is good! I know it is stupid to get excited about a charger, but this thing really is cool.
  4. lromine

    Optimate 3 Battery Tender....

    If any of you go more than a week between rides, get one of these: www.optimate3.com !!!! I just got one, and man, what a nice product. Never again will I have to deal with a weak battery or have to replace an almost new battery!!! This thing is worth every penny, get one!!!
  5. lromine

    I just did airbox mod and installed 450r pipe

    I agree with the, HOLY SHIITE, line.... Dude, you need to run a 170 main with that pipe and airbox mod!!!!!!! I do, and it runs better than all my buddies X's with stock pipe and jetting!!!! Also move the needle to the 4th or 5th location!!!
  6. lromine

    So how long does one tank of Gas last??

    I also seem to get about 50 miles on a ride before hitting reserve and this is in the Deserts of California where you can ride mostly wide open, at least on the washes. As for maint, don't let these guys on here scare you in the least. Simply changed fluids often, and regulary sevice the filter, pretty usual stuff. Also, don't worry, after you have done the valves once, you can do them in about 30min, it really is that simple. Besides, I like to do the maint on my bikes. So, the extra services that are associated with this bike are a plus for me! As for the fork oil, change the fliud to a high quality and you are good to go for awhile. As well, you shuld notice less fade once you change it out for something of a bit higher quality. Mine would really start to fade once they heated up. After changing the fluid, they work great!!! Finally, buy a good battery tender such as the optimate 3 www.optimate3.com This will save you $$$ on new batteries!!!
  7. lromine

    Time for a new battery

    Joe, depending on how often you actually ride your bike, you shuld really think about investing in a Optimate3 baterry charger. I only ride my bike in the Desert here in San Diego, so I may go a couple of weeks without riding it in the winter, and I don't ride it at all in the summer. Well, I went through three batteries (all the ones you listed above) until I got the Optimate. This was a function of charge/ discharge killing the battery. However, once I got the Optimate, no more issues.... BUY ONE OF THESE!! www.optimate3.com
  8. lromine

    Smog Capped And Rangers Ticketing.

    I have mine removed along with all the usual Mods, and I can this: My buddy has an unmodified 450X which I rode after having my modified for months. Well, there is a huge difference in perfomance and most certainly the popping is gone on decel with the modified bike. However, you must DO ALL THE MODS, not just the smog, just the pipe, etc. All the mods collectivly make a big difference.
  9. lromine

    Front End Geometry

    This is exactly why I submitted the post! My concern was that in the softer stuff that it may be a bit twitchy, but I think I'll try it!
  10. lromine

    Front End Geometry

    Has anyone experimented with raising the fork tubes a bit, say 3mm, in the trees? I ask because my bike seems to push a great deal in berms and it also seems to deflect rocks and such rather than roll over them! I was thinking that rasing the forks may help... I ride in the deserts of So Cal, not Glamis, and I'm 6'2 200lbs. Also, annyone have a recommedation for a replacment front tire. The 742 that comes on this bike is trash and I am sure not helping the situation... Thanks guys!!!
  11. lromine

    Honda admits problems-Well almost (CLOSED!)

    I really think that most you just need to take a step back here. Firstly, anyone that has every turned a wrench (I pre Req for owning a RACE CAPABLE bike in my opinion), knows that those little inspection holes are worthless, and this goes for the ones on your car tranny too as well as the diff!!!! By the way, you folks probably trust that dipstick in your car as well????? What you all need to do is simply go and get a ratio right graduated measuring cup and only trust this, not that stupid hole that shouldn't even be on there!!! Secondly, change the fluid often and JUST ADJUST THE DARN VALVES!!! It really isn't that hard to do and once you have done it once or twice you can do it in about 20 min. Besides, this is one of the reasons I bought such a hot bike, I like to do the maint... If you can't do it, or can't afford to have it done, buy the XR it is a very nice bike too!
  12. lromine

    new chain stretches every ride

    I too have been most impressed with the stock chain! In fact, I would say that over the course of 6 bikes and 15 years worth of riding (half my life), the chain my 450X came with is likely the best I have ever had on any bike at any price. Very impressed with it and has required very little adjustment in the first year!!! PS: I ride at an above average level!
  13. lromine

    Smog delete and vent kit

    I just purchased the Applied Racing Smog Delete Kit in preparation of the standard "free" mods that I will be doing to my 450X this week. However, when I went to the Applied site to order the kit, it recommended the "vent kit" as well. Of course, I purchased it , but I don't know what the heck it really does. Has anyone out there installed this kit? What were the results/ what does it really do. All I can tell is that it puts a filter in-line with the crankcase breather to prevent oil mist from entering in to the carb for burning? So, is the intent to prevent fouled plugs and prevent the motor from burning oil???? Does anyone know????
  14. lromine

    Airbox modifications by side panels...

    I really like the Holes idea, plus, you don't have to actually remove the airbox to do it, which is a real pain in the butt for such little ROI!!! I'm getting ready to do the stadard "free" mods to my 450X as well. I ordered up the smog kit yesterday from Applied Racing, but I also bought the vent kit from them as it was only another ~$20.. My question is, has anyone out there installed the vent kit from Applied? What does it really do and what were the results.... Thanks fellas!!!
  15. lromine

    19in wheel on the X

    Two questions; I have owned MX two stroke bikes for my entire life. This is my first 4 stroker and my first off-road style bike. I bought the X because I ride in the deserts of So Cal and liked the features that the X had over the R for this application. However, why does it only have an 18in wheel in the back?? What's the benifit? Secondly, has anyone put a 19in wheel on there and what were the results???? Thanks!