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  1. supermoto450f

    High Octane?

    i was told when i bought my bike, it has variable cam and ignition timing regulated by a knock sensor, and to run super for max performance. any truth to this?
  2. supermoto450f

    CRF450X vs. WR450F

    i've only had hondas all my life. i have a tagged 05 x for trail riding, and i got the super moto bug, but decided to get another bike for the conversion, and keep my x like it is. i read all the badstuff about my x, and read all the supposed good stuff about about the wr, and i was convinced to get the wr. now that i've had the wr 6 months, i wish i would have gotten another x. i haven't had any problems from either one, but ive done all the free mods and jetting to the wr, and its lower geared than my honda, but it still dosent have the power to pull the front wheel in 4th like the x does with just a twist, and the paint on my wr frame is getting chipped and trashy looking. the only reason i did the mods to the wr was to get it to act like my stock honda. does it now? no.
  3. supermoto450f

    XR100 head on an 80

    i dont know if the bore is different between the 80 & 100, but i had a bad experience bolting a larger head on a smaller bore. the intake valve hit the top of the cylinder. you could probably get by just checking it with a good tape measure.
  4. supermoto450f

    Curved exhaust pipe - replacement?

    you dont cap the ends, you lay it in the freezer so the water dosent pour out.
  5. supermoto450f

    Curved exhaust pipe - replacement?

    just put water in it and freeze it a few times. theres already a thread on it.
  6. supermoto450f

    WR Owners pin your location on the map.

    lets make a map of people that got a new wr (with mods) and wish it had the power thier 450x did right out of the box
  7. supermoto450f

    clutch problem?

    cable is ok, seemed like it started at 50 mi when i put synthetic in.
  8. supermoto450f

    clutch problem?

    is there a cure for the clutch not fully disengaging at a stop, and being jerkey when taking off from a dead stop on my 05 450 x. i didnt let it bother me until i got my 06 wr450, and it doesnt do that. at least the x has a ton more power to make up for my only complaint.
  9. supermoto450f

    spedo mod with aftermarket mags

    i got new marchesini mags for my 06 wr, they have no provision for the spedo, and they are several inches shorter than stock. is there any way to make the stock spedo work and be accurate?