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  1. About to tackle my carburetor jetting. Had a question. The JD Jetting kit says to use the 170 main jet. Indy on the WR450 site says to use the 165 jet. I have already done the throttle stop change and removed the AIS stuff. Also have installed the FMF slip on exhaust. I am in Louisiana so low altitude and warm temperatures. My plan is to install the 170 168 or 165 main jet, 48 pilot jet and Red Needle in position 4. I am leaving the stock leak jet because unable to get by the weekend. Also installing the easily adjustable fuel screw. Need help on the main jet and any other suggestions you might have. Thanks!
  2. cirrusdriver

    WR450 kills when open throttle

    It really only dies when it is under a load. It is not to bad in 1st gear but is really bad in 2nd and 3rd. It works fine sitting in the garage.
  3. cirrusdriver

    WR450 kills when open throttle

    Used TT AIS removal kit. Nice. Put YZ throttle stop and cut the grey wire. Also have FMF exhaust. I have the JD kit but have not changed any jets. Am waiting to get 48 pilot jet before changing. If throttle is twisted quickly from idle the bike will die. What should I do? Thanks
  4. cirrusdriver

    Looking for 48 pilot jet

    I have purchased every thing to do the free mods on my 05 wr450 except the 48 pilot jet. None of the local dealers have one. Got the AIS removal from TT but it does not come with the 48 pilot jet. Where can one be purchased from?