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    Track Coach with STT, Shadow Rider with SVP, Nesba #155A and WERA Amateur racer.
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    Not entirely sure yet. So far my dirtbike experience is limited to little 50-100cc kids bikes that friends bring to the race track to run to the bathroom on and a friend's Derbi in the snow on a mountainside (he took it away from me when I kept trying to go too fast and I bent the bars on the 4th time I went down, LOL). I'm hitting a bike show in DC this weekend and am going to sit on a few bikes to get a feel for what I'm comfy on (would like to be able to touch at least one foot). And a friend is going to take me out and let me ride some bikes that he and his friends have. After that I'll decide. I got a friend who owns a Honda shop in Boone, NC, so maybe a Honda. Or Yamaha to match my race bike. Who knows. I'm leaning towards more dirtbike than MX, but I dunno now after looking at that pics thread! LOL. Money's an issue too. There's not much left over after racing. I read through the Beginner's Bikes thread. Very informative!
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    Pics of ladies that love to ride!

    Those pics are awesome ladies!! Thanks for feeding my craving to get myself a dirtbike soon! ;-)
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    Hi ladies. I'm new to TT. A friend pointed me here when I told him I was looking to get a dirtbike this spring. Gonna go play with a few people's bikes first thought to get a feel for what I like. I do roadracing and I instruct at track days for sportbikes. It's not much different for ladies on street/race bikes. I had some random leghumper from some forum hit me on InstantMessenger the other day and when I mentioned I ride on the track he went on and on about how fast he was and how he could show me a few things if I wanted to go faster. When I asked him what class he raced in or what his best lap times were he couldn't give me a straight answer. I finally told him to STFU before he embarasses himself further and if HE ever wants to learn to go faster then he can come look me up at the track. Generally the guys are cool though. I can't really blame them much for stereotyping us, cause honestly most ladies do ride in the slower classes on the track. We just haven't been into it long enough to have the number of truly kick ass riders like the men have. And typically once the guys see a fast chic they're happy to accept her as "one of them". Hopefully I can scrounge together the money together for a dirtbike (before race season starts and I blow it all there). Looking forward to Thumpette talk.