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  1. Yamaha

    My Friend, I just can tell that I love this Sport My wife loved doing the tracks with me . She could not do this with the Bike !! And rsrsrsrsrsrsrrsrsrssr means that I getting used to it !! Well I´m loving it !!! Because she loves it !!!!! Thanks you All Thanks YAMAHAAAA !!!!!
  2. Yamaha

    Hi there, I just change my ´05 WR-450 ´ and got the new Raptor 700 GYTR !!! It kind of *#*#*#*#*#*#* but i´ll get used to it ! It is very good to do the tracks with my wife . She loves it But I expected more more power out of it. And I cound not do any Mods without changing the fuel injetion system !! I tried : God I love this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love YAMAHA !!!!!! They are the BEST Thank you all
  3. Yamaha

    I tryed a Thread like yours !! Check it out: There is a lot to do , but you re gonna spend a lot on few hp´s !
  4. Yamaha

    Thanks a lot, I ll do it And fell the power Have Fun
  5. Yamaha

    Thats it DUDE !!!!! The most is H A V E F U N !!! A lot of Fun - I love it !!!
  6. Yamaha

    Hi there, I just Sold my 2005 WR-450 and got a new 2007 Raptor 700. I did well on my WR-450,but I´d like to try ridding a good Quad. It´s kind of rsrsrsrsrrssrsrsr ride, corners in the woods are rsrsrsrssrsrswsrsrs to do, but I´ll get used to it. I just want it more powerfull on Lows and mids range. Thanks.
  7. Yamaha

    Hi There, Thanks , Dude, I´ll do that. But Doing those Mods, will I really fell the difference of power ? Like on my sold WR 450, when I did the mods She got very strong , was amazing the power that came out of it !! Just doing The Air Box Mod, Ais Mod, Snorkle Mod, Jd Jetting, Pipe and Grey wire. I need My Raptor more strong and faster with a lots of Low and Mid power Thanks Everybody
  8. Yamaha

    Thanks, Did it really got stronger ? which one of those did you do ? Check it out dude ! There is not a lot to do ? I want more power just using mods like on WR 450, can I ? Thanks a lot Brother !!
  9. Yamaha

    Hy There, Check it out : This FI system you can easy modify the programming stuff. Help Me
  10. Yamaha

    Surfing in the Web I just found a company that have a Kit to increase the power up to 60Hp but I´ll need to modify my engine .And I don´t wanna do this. Does any one knows about any Free Mods to do in the Raptor 700 ??? Help me !! I need more power without open the engine.
  11. Hi there, I just sold my WR 450, and got the new YFM 700R - 2007 with Fuel Injection (YFI) . I´d like to get more power out of it . Is there any mods for it. I´m planning to run the Famous Rally dos Sertões in July 2007 It is a 4000 miles Rally in the deep of Brazil, 10 days of fun. Please help me !!
  12. Yehp, Lots of Dirt. Lots of Fun.
  13. Hi there, Mine is the same . The chain hits the subframe in desacceleration, more using longer final ratio: as 14/44 45 ... and at 14/50 and up it hits less.
  14. Ok Thanks a lot, buddy !!! I´ll run this weekend in the Desert of Jalapão in the north of Brazil . Thats the ride !!! 1400 Km the total range. 46°C and lots of fun.
  15. Hi there, Does the Michelin Desert Rear Tire fits on WR-450 ? The size is 140/80/18. I´m using 14/45 . Thanks everybody.