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  1. mine does aswell lol
  2. we have the same problem here in the uk. loads of people hate us bikes theres land behind our houses like big feilds and we take our bikes on it and we go as far as we can away from the houses which is quite far becuase of the size on the feilds and yet we still get people moaning about the bikes and tthe mutha fckun law always hassle us lol
  3. fill ur petrol tank to the top then drop a lit match in the tank this should cure the problem
  4. i rekon they should have a 5th gear when i get mine to top end it feeles like it needs another gear
  5. lol a pw 80 is nothing like a pit bike. do a google search or ebay for a puma 110cc u can get it delivered for £289 brand new and it is a strong bike
  6. i got honda team amsoil graphics links arent aloud on here do a google search for pit bikes and search for my first chopper website and look at the graphics
  7. ok thanks guys
  8. ne 1 wanna help lol?
  9. hi all when i turn the fuel on and go to start the bike up petrol gushes out of the overflow. i have searched the forums and it seem that the float maybe stuck how to i fix this problem please some one can you help because all my mates and hopefully me are going to go for a ride tomorrow thank you kvn
  10. ok thanks
  11. lol good news the bike is fixed lol and it goes like a beast lol thanks for all your help especially u speedo u guys have been great
  12. im not sure but just giving you a little warning but maybe they were caught oiut but i would proceed with caution
  13. u have stretched the cluth cable replace it and it will be ok my friend had the exact same problem
  14. just change the swingarm or the shock or both and buy new graphics and ya bike will look good m8
  15. ngk? take your old one to a shop and ask them for a better but similar spark plug