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  1. Silver State 300 Race Report Well the day started by getting up at 3:15am to make the trip to the start line. The race started with the first bike leaving at 6:15 a.m. I ended up leaving the start line at about 6:45 am with a 1 min gap between everyone. I took it easy the first section getting by 2 riders. The dust was terrible! Got to pit 1, gassed and got goggles. I left pit 1 and passed 2 more in that section. Dusty again and I made the only mistake of the day by falling in the slit in a corner before we got on a big road. Arrived at pit 2 gassed the bike and put on fresh goggles. Left that pit just behind my race partner from the last 4 years in BITD. Passed him (Ron Purvines) then caught Glen Warren (over 40 pro) who let me go by when he saw me. Big Thanks!!! Got by a quad before arriving at pit 3. I was carrying gas to pit 3 because I had no one at that pit and the section to pit 4 from pit 2 was 59 miles. Since I had gotten by the Purvines/Trubey team I looked for their pit and when I found them I exchanged my back pack for a little dump out of the dry break. Another big thanks!!! On the way to pit 4 my M/C club the Bushwackers, had set up cardboard cutouts along the course. Coach and everyone else was screaming and yelling! Thanks coach!!! Got to pit 4, gassed and put on new goggles and I was off. Passed by one rider in this section and got to pit 5. Had to stop for a nature break, gas and goggles and then I was off again. I Passed 3 riders in this section then at the stop check before heading over east pass Bill had a sign that said “No gas at alt”. He told me that it all had caught on fire and that there might be gas at mile 240. I was thinking great and at the same time trying to calculate how far I could go before running out of gas. I passed where the fire was and didn't even slow down. Got to where a lady was dumping gas for the 301 bike. She gave me enough to get to pit 6 and I was off. Got to pit 6, gassed and left for the finish. Caught and passed one guy in this section before arriving at the finish. I ended up 8th overall, 1st Ironman Expert, and was 3 overall expert getting beat by 2 open experts. Not bad for a guy riding with a broken arm (V2R) that was repaired only 5 weeks earlier. Thanks to my pit crew my wife Meggan, and friends Bill and Brenda should have some great race pictures!!! Big thanks to all my sponsors Motorex USA, O’Neal Racing, Dunlop Tires, Braking USA, IMS, Rudy Project, Countrywide Estate Planning
  2. dezman

    Some good videos from the 500

    Those videos didn't come from that camera!!! They came from the 109x bike of the Vegas team Scott Glimp on the bike
  3. SNDR Hare Scrambles Mail Summit Yucca Chuckers Alamo, NV BITD Laughlin Hare Scrambles Gamblers Hare Scramble Cresent Peak
  4. MRAN SNDR Hare Scrambles Mail Summit MRAN Yucca Chuckers Alamo, NV MRAN GAMBLERS Cresent Peak BITD LAUGHLIN HARE SCRAMBLES