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  1. KodaKourage

    Now what? DMV hates my moto Title.

    I started putting down Scott instead of Andrew. It was a long day at work and Scott is my middle name
  2. KodaKourage

    Now what? DMV hates my moto Title.

    Tried looking them up. Even the dealer's couldn't give me anything. I've thought about a new frame, but paying ~$400 dollars and a dozen man hours seems absurd for 3 crossed out letters.
  3. I just bought a bike (2007 DRZ400SM!!! hehe) from a guy locally here in WI about a year ago. That guy, bought the bike non locally, from someone in Missouri. I screwed up 3 letters of my first name on the back of the title. So now the DMV won't accept it. I have no hope getting ahold of who is listed as the owner on the title. They moved, and the phone number the previous owner gave me is disconnected. DMV want's me to have the person in Missouri fill out a form. Besides buying another DRZ400 frame and swapping it all over, anyone have any ideas on what I can do?
  4. KodaKourage

    Did a MX magazine convert a WR450 to YZ?

    Wouldn't it be easier to drop a WR bottom end into a YZ frame? Hide the battery around the airbox and go?
  5. KodaKourage

    03'ish WR450 float issue.

    I may have bent the flap on accident, it seemed in spec when I went to measure it. And for the soaking, it was more of a hosed it down, let it air dry in the sun. Did it about 4 times. The float bowl, float and float valve where off. Is there a float valve seat/seal that may have been damaged?
  6. KodaKourage

    Top end Damage?-Piston pics

    With my experience working at Millennium Tech, here's my vote to what happened: You're dieseling incident caused your 2 bridges to head rapidly and unevenly, forcing them into the side of your piston. I don't know if you told the guys at millennium to bore it to the next size bigger, but that would not be necessary. You could stay at the stock size if you wished. (If you do want to keep it at stock size, and depending when you sent it, you can PM me and I'll change it in the computer.) If you do have detonation, we'll call to confirm if you want it fixed. -Andrew
  7. KodaKourage

    03'ish WR450 float issue.

    My friend had his 03'ish WR450 sitting in the garage for well over a year without emptying the gas from the float. After getting 99% of the green gunk out of the carbs using about 3 cans of carb cleaner and letting it soak a bunch, I thought it would be good to go. I made sure the o-rings for the float bowl where good, and all of the jets properly tightened. Now I have the issue that bike leaks like a sieve. It'll create a 3 foot puddle of gas in about 10 seconds flat. I'm not super familiar with how those style carbs work, he kept tightening this bolt near the bottom on the side. Didn't help though. Any of guys have any suggestions? I attempted to make sure the float bowl was the right height, and I know it moves freely when I had it apart.
  8. KodaKourage

    First Ride: Eric Gorr's YZ300 Bolt on Kit.

    I'm far too lazy to take that thing off Although I don't believe I'd need anymore. I started using the FWW before the autoclutch. Now although I don't have to worry about the bike stalling, maybe I will take it off before this weekend.
  9. KodaKourage

    First Ride: Eric Gorr's YZ300 Bolt on Kit.

    Updated original post.
  10. KodaKourage

    First Ride: Eric Gorr's YZ300 Bolt on Kit.

    For me, I only had to pay for thecost of a gasket kit. I got all the work and parts for free. I'm not entirely sure what it'd cost a normal person. The strip/bore/plate would cost around $200. The piston is about $150. I don't know how much Eric charges for Port/headwork. I'd guess around $200 or $300. Cost of gaskets is maybe $40. So figure $600, maybe $700. But yes, no hit. It just goes zzzOOOOOOOOOOOmmmm. But that's exactly how I wanted it set up. I don't need the over rev in the woods, it gets you into trouble.
  11. Just last weekend, I finally was able to get everything together for Eric Gorr's 295cc Kit. Fine, fine, it's not a 300 but it's damn close enough. He is making 2 versions for this kit. One is setup for offroad/woods power, the other is all top end for the motocross guys. I got my hands on the woods version. I wanted to do a stock comparison between the 300 and 250, but I currently don't have enough of my original stock parts. Tomorrow I will be able to do a 1 on 1 comparison with a KTM 300, which has close to the same mods I do. I have a 16 ounce flywheel weight, Rekluse Pro, V-Force 3 Reeds, Pro-Circuit Pipe/Silencer combo(Sorry, I'll have to look later to conform which ones). After letting this bad boy break in on the stand for about 2 minutes, I began to do some slow putting around and instantly knew this thing was the going to going to make me smile. After 5 minutes of tooling around I starting doing laps around the yard. I've never had a bike like this, it rides like my friends yz450. It has sooo much traction. Far too much. 3rd Gear dead engine starts are definitely going to be possible. Whack the throttle and your going for a ride, but it's smooth. There is NO powerband hit anywhere. The power just keeps on going until it flattens out on top. Compared to the 265, the 300 still retains top end power, it doesn't have an abrupt shut off. There isn't tons of top end, but enough that doesn't feel like the bike is falling on it's face. Final thoughts? Nothing has put a smile on my face like riding a wheeling down road keeping up with traffic at 60mph This kit is going to be wanted by many. Update: I raced 3 hours today through sand, rocks, more tree roots than I can shake a stick at and a bunch of long straights, I'm proud to say the KTM300 doesn't hold a candle to this YZ300. I played on the KTM for about 15 minutes and ignoring ergonomic differences, the YZ just simply pulled earlier, harder and longer than the KTM. I was practicing 3rd gear dead engine starts on the YZ. I simply found the YZ will do anything the KTM could and more. The KTM is smooth and mellow, but if the track required a quick snap to loft the front end over stuff, I found it a lot easier to do on the YZ. Perhaps my unfamiliarity with KTM's power band proved to be a downfall in comparing the two. As for some of your other questions: I use regular premium pump gas. I didn't change the jetting from the last year of riding, it's currently 2 sizes bigger from stock. The bike starts on the first or second kick when cold, and always first kick when it's hot. This is a must for dead engines starts, kicking twice would be a disaster. The bike also starts no harder than it did without the big bore. Most of the riding today was in 70 degree weather, first or second gear and I had no problems with over heating in the 3 hour race. As far as the clutch burning nastiness, that's hard to assess as using the auto clutch is setup to engage a few hundred rpm's idle, and it's a hard engage. The bike turned out to be a second gear wonder through the woods.
  12. KodaKourage

    No truck, no problem! Go go Racecort!

    I work at Millenium Technologies, http://www.mt-llc.com. We do pretty much nothing but cylinder replating services.
  13. KodaKourage

    No truck, no problem! Go go Racecort!

    I don't do porting per se. When cylinders need to be welding, if the ports(or intake/exhaust) get weld in them, I have to go in and remove it. It's a two man job. I can lift the bike in no problem, but someone needs to pull the bars forward. The piece of plywood really helps for sliding the bike
  14. How I haul my 03 YZ 250 around in style. Car is a 97 Ford Escort. Note: Front fender does not interfere with passenger comfort. Second Note: I still can fit my pair of 10" Subs behind the passenger seat! http://www.flickr.com/photos/22265909@N03/3502710206/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/22265909@N03/3501896169/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/22265909@N03/3501898063/
  15. KodaKourage

    Engine doesn't run... piston question

    Sounds like your ran your bike lean (reason for no spooge), which fried a hole through the top of your piston (no compression). Take your spark plug off, it it's white and has a lot of white gunk on it, you blew it up. Take the head off, see what the cylinder walls/piston looks like.