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  1. toby1978

    husqvarna hts power valve

    thanks for that mate makes me a bit more confident to open up the motor now by any chance you dont know the mesurement do you keep it pinned
  2. Hi i have a 95 wr250 with hts power valve and i am looking to take it out to clean it and do the rings on the piston. but have been told if you dont get the valve set up exactly right they run:foul: does anyone have a diagram or can tell me how to make sure it is right i dont want to take the cover off and stuff fly every where and me not know where it goes:banghead: any help would be great as not had this bike long after converting from 4stroke to do hare and hounds thanks guys if you aint falling of you aint trying keep it pinned
  3. hi just bought a wr250 aprox "95" model looking to smooth out the revs and get some bottom end snap can anyone help:banghead: have been recommended to fit a flywheel weight aprox 10oz has anyone done this or is there other options avalible as i have been qouted £90 for the weight any help would be great also does anyone know where to get a manual on line as husky want silly money thanks for your time will be looking to see if i can turn the enine into a 360 at a later date any info on this would also be helpful keep it pinned if you aint falling of you aint trying
  4. Hi can anyone help have a 98 model wr400f was running fine till on way back from ride the other day went up through gears as normal was fine pulling like a train 1st 2nd 3rd 4th then pulled 5th and it was like bike was missing and popping and holding back. Felt problem was electrical under load as was fine in everyother gear changed spark plug and found a dodgey connection to coil which have repaired but still the same has anyone else had a problem like this can anyone help. my mate said it could be a gear problem but more like gear pushing on crank and moving the mag enough to drop spark in and out as there is no crunching from box which would say a broken gear:confused: any help wuold be great thanks
  5. toby1978

    honda xr600 wheels

    thanks will look in to that let you know how it goes
  6. toby1978

    honda xr600 wheels

    I have a 1985 xr600r with a 17inch rear wheel and drum brake can i change it to an 18inch to open up more tyre choice. The main things been can i do it on the standered swingarm ( possible fitting disc brake ) or would it be easier to change arm. Another option been lacing an 18inch rim to standered hub obviousley only if the 18inch would clear standered swingarm any help would be great thanks:thumbsup:
  7. toby1978

    xr600r 85 model twin carb problem

    thanks a million got the link and found the exploded picture thanks again
  8. toby1978

    xr600r 85 model twin carb problem

    thanks for this info im not missing it but cant seem to get it to fit as arm on right carb seems to have 360 radius and one link point for black plastic and a hole with a brass fitting a few milimeters away sorry if im apearing stupid but it is not making sense i fit with arm (of right carb) pointing one way it opens (right) carb fully i move it and fit it the other and (right) carb open only a few milimeters any ideas
  9. high wounder if anyone can help just picked up an xr600r 1985 model needs some attention but the twin carbs have been taken off to clean before it was stored now i've got it but my manual does'nt show twin carbs can anyone help with diagrams of how the link system between the two of them works as have built the carb's but cant work that bit out also could someone explain how the twin system works
  10. toby1978

    dr350 gearing (sprockets)

    can anyone tell me how much increasing the rear sprocket to keep the front end light in the mud the top end speed will be capped. Will be fitting 13 or 14 tooth front and 52 or 53 tooth rear. It is only used of road never on road but i dont want to lose out to my mates on the open stretches. Any advise would be appriciated.
  11. toby1978

    Dr Will Not Start

    glad to hear its sorted mate have fun and good luck with everything work hard play harder
  12. toby1978

    Dr Will Not Start

    im happy for you to send me your cdi let me know a private email so i dont have to post my adress on the fourm glad the coil and wire are ok
  13. toby1978

    Dr Will Not Start

    im down in surrey which would have been good to pop in on your london trip. have just read what klas said and your post about the chain snapping im in the same opinion the the cam chain may have jumped and as far as i know rewiring the cdi and coil the wire isnt of a surtain resistance good luck
  14. toby1978

    Dr Will Not Start

    sorry didnt get back sooner been busy get clutch fitted for sunday ride. start with the wire with the white trace to cdi then im afraid it does become pot luck mine was found by complet chance if it comes to it let me know where you are in uk might be able to lend you my spare coil and cdi good luck
  15. toby1978

    Dr Will Not Start

    the air box mod shouldnt effect jetting mine was modified when i bought of a mate he did mod him self after reading it on the net and left the jeting standard and mine has no problems in that respect i still think you have electrics shorting out when its warmed up which is what the wire to my coil did good luck