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  1. RXC 400

    RXC 400 carb

    I picked up a used dellorto carb at a good price and it brought my rxc 400 to like. I went through the faze of trying to fix the quik silver and it just isn't near the carb of the one I have now. Just my two cents worth. Mike
  2. RXC 400

    Broken Rocker

    never mind got it out this afternoon. After a little inspection I saw that it just slid out. I thought that it might be pressed in.
  3. RXC 400

    Broken Rocker

    Torn it down last night and I think I lucked out. Just the intake side with damage. All am going to need is a new rocker arm and spring retainers. Does anyone know how to get the rocker arm shaft out? Any advice would be nice. Thanks, Mike
  4. I am the saddest man on earth. The last time I road my bike to work on the way home it sputtered and after that I had lost a lot of power. I let the bike set for a long time and just decided to tear into it. Drained the oil and found hunks of metal. If you wanted to see a grown man cry that would have been a good time. I was just curious so I pulled off the intake valve cover and found that my rocker arm was broke. Again with the crying thing. So in your alls honest opinion how much damage do you think I have done? Thanks Mike
  5. RXC 400

    RXC 400 carb

    Everything is stock except the exhaust. Not sure what it is the logo is faded off.
  6. RXC 400

    RXC 400 carb

    Hello folks from another newbie. Haven't ridden a bike in years. I recently bought a 96' RXC 400 to ride back and forth to work. Has the stock quick silver carb. After researching the carb on various forums I find out I have a piece of junk. The bike runs but not like I think a 400 should. I know I need to replace the carb but my wife has me on a short leash with the checkbook. Does anyone know where I can get a new one at really good price or of a used one other than ebay? Does it need to have an accelerator pump? Any help would be more than appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  7. RXC 400

    LC4 400 Riders

    Nice to know that I am not alone in the world of ktm 400's.