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  1. gardnpa185

    New CRF450F!

    I saw my mistake right away but it would not let me edit the title. Doh!
  2. gardnpa185

    New CRF450F!

    Hey guys, I never post on this forum but have been reading the board for a couple of years now. I just bought a brand new 2007 CRF450R. I currently own an '03 YZF450 but have always loved Honda. No complaints about my Yamaha but it was time to Ride Red again. Just wanted to say hello. I am sure I will be asking a few questions from time to time.. -Paul
  3. gardnpa185

    '07 Crf450r?

    I currently own a 2003 YZ450F and am thinking about buying new. I have always loved Honda's and went to the local Honda dealership today and they want $7300 OTD for a 2007 CRF450R. My friend recently purchased a 2007 YZ450F for $6600 OTD. What gives? I am leaning towards Honda but the price difference is a little much. What have you guys paid for a new bike? I live in Upstate NY if that helps. Thanks for your time, Paul185:ride:
  4. gardnpa185

    Stalling problem

    I have a 2003 YZF450 that usually runs great. I raced a Hare scrambles yesterday and had a hard time keeping it running. I have a GYTR flywheel that helps but for some reason it would backfire and then stall in the slower sections. It was around 45 degrees here yesterday. I am thinking that it was either too lean or the idle too low. Anyone else experience this problem? Thanks, Paul
  5. gardnpa185

    Throttle Question

    Thanks, I checked out the site and will probably order one. -Paul
  6. gardnpa185

    Throttle Question

    Let me know how your race goes this weekend. Pictures of the throttle modification would be great. I am supposed to race Sunday also but the weather here in upstate NY is not looking good! -Paul
  7. gardnpa185

    Throttle Question

    How did your ride go this Sunday? My only concern with the zip tie method is a possible stuck throttle. Let me know what you think. Thanks again, -Paul
  8. gardnpa185

    Throttle Question

    Thanks. I checked out the G2 throttle you mentioned and I would consider spending the money if I thought it might help.
  9. gardnpa185

    Throttle Question

    Please let me know how it works, I have a fused right wrist with limited motion also. I use to have a '96 CR250 and tried a quick pull throttle cable that had a little box on it that changed the pull ratio. The only problem was it was too much like a light switch! It was basically either on or off. Tough to handle a 2-stroke 250 that is controlled by a switch! I like my '03 YZF450 but I would like to give it more gas sometimes when I am standing but my wrist won't let me. -Paul
  10. gardnpa185

    Starting problem

    My friend has an '05 YZF250 that will only start if you bump start it. It runs fine with the choke on but as soon as the choke is off it pops and sputters and then stalls. The carb has been cleaned and seems fine. The motor has very little time on it so I don't think it is the valves but am not sure. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. gardnpa185

    Jetting Question

  12. I have a 2003 YZF450 with a Pro Moto Billet silent insert in the exhaust. I was curious on how this will effect my jetting. It runs pretty good but seems to stall easily in slower corners. Thanks in advance. -Paul
  13. gardnpa185

    Suspension Question

    I went 2 clicks in on the rebound. I am thinking about adding another click or two before I ride tomorrow. How did you make out with the sand track setup?
  14. gardnpa185

    Suspension Question

    Dave, I was thinking the same thing. I don't bottom out anywhere except if I flat land a jump so I think the compression is OK. I rode tonight and added more rebound dampening to stop it from returning as quickly and it seemed to help. I got kicked sideways once, but I think it was my fault because I let off the gas! The bike had hardly been ridden before I received it so I think the shock is in pretty good shape(although I am thinking about having it re-valved also). Thanks, Paul
  15. gardnpa185

    Suspension Question

    It mainly only happens under acceleration on fast straight sections with alot of bumps or whoops. It didn't seem to happen until after I had the forks revalved. I have the rear sag set at 100mm. I ride MX mostly. Thanks for your reply