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  1. nunzo

    250X Bath..The hard way!

    Great suggestions with the fuel...Thanks..more bike maintenance for me today!
  2. nunzo

    250X Bath..The hard way!

    Riding with my buds this morning at Wayne National Forest, I was crossing a wooden bridge (4-5 feet wide) over a pond/creek. The bridge had mud on it making it slimy and slick. My rear tire kicked out under acceleration and I fell 5 feet into 3.5 feet of water. I went first and then the bike fell on me. We were both completely submerged...pretty scary stuff. Anyway, I kicked the bike off me and stood up in the pond with a mucky bottom. I instantly tried to stand the bike up. Luckily a couple guys on 4 wheelers with straps were able to drag my bike out of the deep water. Once on dry land, I opened the air boc and quite abit of water came out. We elevated the front of the bike and more water from the exhaust. We turned the bike upside down, 5th gear rotation to kick more water out. 2-3 kicks later and the bike started right up, however it would only run with the choke full on and idle set high. We limped it back to the truck 7 miles later. I pressure washed the bike when I got home. Changed the oil which looked like chocolate milk. Changed the traasnmission oil which looked like a vanilla shake, and then she fired right up. The carb and idle seems off. I assume no water got in the gas tank??, do you think that water got in the carb?? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks JD
  3. nunzo

    Powerband on kx125

    Just picked up a 2001 model and I am just gewtting used to the bike. Is there a way to change the power band hit?? It hits at 1/2 throttle and just wants to buck you off the bike whn on the dirt?? Flywheel change, jetting setup?? Any help?
  4. nunzo

    TTR125 throttle response

    Gang, I rebuilt the carb on my son's bike and it now seems to run, although somewhat rough, but idles and starts OK. However, when l'm shifting, the rev's stay high like the throttle is stuck. But the spring on the throttle tube snaps the throttle closed. This could be troublesome for a new leaner on a clutch and was wondering if anyone has experienced this. NUNZO
  5. nunzo

    TTR125 Carb rebuild

    Just purchased 03 for my son, and the bike did not idel well or would stall at speed. I dipped carb and jet in cleaner and blew out all passages, rebuilt and installoed tonight. I got the bike running and idle adjusted, but it runs real rough, almost like it's missing. Before I did into timing issues, would clogged jets cause this? Also, adjusting the pilot screw is a major pain in the a$$. There has got to be a better way or special tool?
  6. nunzo

    XR80 Spark arrestor

    It looks as if the entire end cap was unbolted (3 screws)
  7. nunzo

    XR80 Spark arrestor

    I purchased a 2002 for my son, and it appears as if the baffle/resonator was removed. I can not ride the bike without a USFS approved spark arrestor. I can't seem to find an aftermarket one and don't want to pony up for a new exhaust. Does anyone have one for sale or can help me out here. Thanks in advance.
  8. nunzo

    Mikuni Carb Staring Issues

    My screw was originally at 1.5-2 turns out. I turned it out another 1/2, so essentially I'm at 2.5 turns out. The bike does not pop on decelleration like it used to, and so far so good with hot starts at 900 feet above sea level with K&N filter.
  9. nunzo

    Mikuni Carb Staring Issues

    Thanks for the reply, the screw on the pump adjuster is the whole in as suggested. If I need 3 turns out on the screw mixture, then it sounds as if I/, running way too lean. I originally had it out 2 turns but was having hot start issues and XR recommended leaning it up since it was flooding and would not start hot.????????????????????????????????????
  10. While getting my gear on for a quick spin, my son twisted my throttle before I pushed it out of the shed. I put the choke on and it usually fires after one kick, but not this time. My question is...Does any throttle input automatically flood the engine while cold and not running? Also, my throttle response while hot (quick revs) seems to get no response but a cough-like sputters that sounds like the engine would quit. I am thinking that my carb is too rich and the quick revs are flooding the carb or is the opposite happening where the engine is starved for fuel? I have a 2002 XR400 with XR Only header pipe and muffler, K&N filter and Mikuni. The fuel screw is turned out 1.5 turns and I am 800 feet above mean sea level. The jetting was set by XR's Only or at least that is what they claim. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Nunzo
  11. nunzo

    Dual Purpose Gearing

    I just installed Baja Design on my XR400. The only mods have been Mikuni pumper and XR's only SS. Header and exhaust system with K&N filter. The sprockets on the bike are 15/53! from previous owner. Was wondering what rear sprocket should be used for riding around town and woods riding? The ratio of town vs woods is 50:50. Would anyone recommend new front and rear sprockets or should I change rear sprocket only? BTW chain length issues will result and I was wondering if I should swap entire sprocket and chain at once since existing hardware is getting pretty worn out.
  12. nunzo

    Hot start Q: XR4 w/ Edelbrock

    Having same problem with a newly installed Mikuni pumper carb. When cold fires up on 1st kick, always--VERY NICE. When hot will not start until engine is cleared out. Sounds like the carb is loading up (too rich??) Any ideas, lean it up?