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  1. xxchasse04honxx

    would a yz250f exhaust pipe fit a ttr230???

    no definatlly not you can tell alomst by just eyeing them the bends and angles are difrent pro corcuit has a nice pipe for you bike though and when you get are you going to start riding again the cops cant chase us now just i.d us plus you know the bowl is getting sick
  2. xxchasse04honxx

    crf150 rims

    alright thanx
  3. xxchasse04honxx

    Sproket choice

    do a 428 conversion cus if you get it lighter it will gain acceleration and then you can go ahead and tweek it up or down from the stock 3.69 gearing go to renthal.com and check out there gearing chart
  4. xxchasse04honxx

    crf150 rims

    hey does anyone know if the pro wheel or excell rims wil work with a crf150 if you got the rims for a cr85 but used a oem replacment spoke and nipple set?
  5. xxchasse04honxx

    aftermarket parts

    ya dude get the new icat spark enhancer i here great things about it even on there website icatusa.com someone posted that it feel almost like taking away 3 teeth on the rear but you loose no top or middle end at all plus reduced emissions and better gas milage (whoopidey freakin doo) but all the other stuff is cool
  6. xxchasse04honxx

    rear shock absorbers

    i drilled mine about 1 inch up from the stock hole on the cr85 shock assembly but i noticed it sits a little lower i think so you might want to try a little less and depending on you weight you might need something tuffer then a bbr spring because i noticed mine has about the same bounce as the stock setup did so if you can readup on diffrent spring rates and try to find one higher because you have to acount for the fact that the cr85 is about 145 lbs. and a crf150 is 215 and the 230 is like 230 i think im not sure on that so thats a major diffrence good luck
  7. xxchasse04honxx

    is a kick start possible on a ttr230

    ya hey there ttr riders i dont have one but my friend does have a ttr230 and was wondering if its possible to tap a spot in the case and install a kick start. I tried to find some info on my own but couldnt find anything and i have a hunch but not positive that it might be either a ttr125 kickstart and gear add on or possiblly the crf230 kickstart and gear please comment back with any info at all thanks.
  8. xxchasse04honxx


    ya true i guess thanx anyways
  9. xxchasse04honxx


    Just wondering if anyone here had any exhaust systems for the 150/230 they were looking to sell just so i could have a back up or spare. Comment back thanx
  10. xxchasse04honxx

    cr85 aftermarket shock

    hey do any of you guys have a cr80/85 aftermarket shock that you would be willing to sell.I did the cr85 shock absorber upgrade so now i need the shock spring and i no that the bbr shock spring is 6.2 kg's so if possible id like to get one around that weight thanks
  11. xxchasse04honxx

    slipping clutchs

    slipping clutchs Anyone having problems their clutchs slipping i have the 230 its bad? __________________ ya im having that problem i took off the side cover and went to put in the new plates a while ago but i couldnt get that center ring off and i wasnt sure if the thing right infront of the clutch hub that looks as if its blocking it need to come of or if you could wiggle it off but for now i just put on the springs to help a little untill i figure this out and go down to pick up a new gasket
  12. xxchasse04honxx

    150/230 forks to week

    i just unscrewed the top to screws holding them to the top and compressed it fully way and it looks sick and acts like a seal saver i guess nobody hold me to that
  13. xxchasse04honxx

    scary fast's power now blades

  14. xxchasse04honxx

    scary fast's power now blades

    it slip into the carberator and separates the chocke or something
  15. xxchasse04honxx

    scary fast's power now blades

    i havent seen any power now blades for the crf150 but i was wondering if thats because of the stock size carb if you were to get the 26-28 mm carb would ther be one for it or is there a site i missd that makes it for the 150 and i just didnt know about it b/c i saw the made it for a cr85 which i htink has a 26 mm carb not sure though. please let meknow if they do or dont thanks