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    Ride fast, live to tell about it.
  1. gsxrdoug

    Husqvarna 2016 Motocross Models Coming Soon

    Nice looking ride. Look forward to seeing what it will be able to do or not do.
  2. gsxrdoug

    2008 te450 Flasher relay

    Got it thanks.
  3. gsxrdoug

    2008 te450 Flasher relay

    I still haven't gotten a manual yet, but will soon, and no luck with a relay by the headlight, however I did find a plug that is not being used, not sure what it is and a plug that has a jumper in it, not sure what that is yet either. I love getting used bikes and trying to figure out what the previous owners did.
  4. gsxrdoug

    2008 te450 Flasher relay

    ^^^^ Thank you, will take a look when I get home. Just wish it was in the same place as the 610 much easier location.
  5. gsxrdoug

    2008 te450 Flasher relay

    So I've been around motorcycles all my life but am wondering where the heck is the flasher relay on the 2008 TE-450? I have looked and looked and Searched and can't find a square answer for the 450 all the pics on the web show other bikes and mine doesn't come up. I have installed led's and they flash fast, I got a new led relay and would like to replace said invisible relay on the bike but can't find it. Sorry if this is a NOB question but darn it. Oh I don't have a service manual yet either. Thank you.
  6. gsxrdoug

    Got the Sumo brake setup on my 09 TXC 450

    Nice looking ride, whats up with the 7 foot mirror?
  7. gsxrdoug

    mirror mod for you street legal guys

    Nice post thank you
  8. gsxrdoug

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    But where's the fun in that!
  9. gsxrdoug

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    What did I do today, wow... Installed the new Pilot powers soft, DRC pegs, Zeta upper triple clamp, short stock blinkers relocated, Nissin master cylinder, EBC 320 rotor with Braking relocate, and tall seat installed. That all added with Tag bars, cycra crash guards and FCR the bike is doing pretty good, oh and changed the oil.
  10. gsxrdoug

    need some feedback on tire hugger idea

    Will help to keep the shock clean. Is there no rear fender?
  11. gsxrdoug

    Police DRZ400 Picture

    He even has a twelve oclock bar!
  12. gsxrdoug

    Super Moto Engineering rear axle block/slider

    I have been looking at the CFC ones also, I think I will probably go that route, I just like the idea of them being a little wider.
  13. Less than two minutes of riding out of 4:30? Put togther well and good filming but like Rubber said save all the morning stuff for the long movie when you get rich.
  14. Why does it say deleted? I can see her.
  15. gsxrdoug

    Eddie Sisneros suspension work is awesome!

    Hey eddie do you do SM shocks? Meaning the DRZ400SM upside down SHOWA