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  1. Murphys25

    Rebuild season is coming!

    Your only weak point in that motor is your timing chain. And, if that goes, so does your motor. So, like the other person said, check your valves. If they are in spec, and the bike does not smoke and starts and idles well, then maybe you can get away with just replacing the timing chain. But, if you are that deep into the motor, a few more bolts and you can easily replace the piston and rings. That is a good bike and worth the investment in my opinion. My '06 WR250F bogs off idle if it is sitting and I whack the throttle open but it never bogs on the trail. No 4-stroke will come off idle like a 2-stroke. Is that what you are comparing it to?
  2. Murphys25

    Electric Motorcycles are coming!

    When expansion allows I would really like to see you produce a full, competitive, American made, Trials bike. These would be the ultimate backyard bikes. Others, and ICE manufacturers, are going there - so should you. Go Team USA!
  3. Murphys25

    First fork rebuild experience

    If anyone needs it, here is a Youtube video on how to clean motorcycle fork seals.
  4. Murphys25

    WR250f Forks Should I Follow This Video?

    Hey! How did your operation turn out? Did the Motul 5wt work OK? What height did you set the oil at? Thanks.
  5. Murphys25

    Going All In

    Please show us the World Class property.
  6. Murphys25

    Dirtbike nicknames

    06 wr250f = Knife 05 yz250 = Gun 11 Beta evo 250 (trials) = name pending
  7. Murphys25

    amazing how bad owners let their bikes get

    That sucks on both accounts. FWIW: On the YZ, I think this is rather common, at least on off-road bikes. I bought a second linkage off Fleabay (cheap). I have it serviced with new bearings and grease. It's ready to swap out as needed.
  8. Murphys25

    Yz 125 wheel color? post pics of your yz

    I know, boring wheels. But, I had to show the White/Red love. I wish more graphics makers offered more White/Red graphics. These pictured are toast as of last summer.
  9. Murphys25

    Collarbone Question

    Hey! I just wanted to know how your clavicle is doing? I broke mine on July 18th, plate and nine screws placed on July 20th, and doing very well now with strengthening the muscles. I was told by my surgeon (whom I trust) that if you break your clavicle in the middle, you can heal with the figure-8 harness. But, if you break it on the end you will need the plate and screws. And, did you happen to be wearing a neck-brace when you broke yours? I was wearing an Alpinestars neck-brace when I broke mine. It was the first crash since I started wearing it. Now I am a bit leary about wearing it. I have ridden dirt-bikes since I was a little kid and never broke a collar bone until now. Coincidence? I don't know. Opinions? Remarks? Experience?
  10. I have done two of these events. The people are super laid-back, friendly, and helpful. I must admit the sport is very addicting. You will go through a section and make a mistake and you will swear you could have done it better - then you want to try again. I have had a trials bike since April and ridden dirt bikes most of my life. At the Kraut Cup I rode the 2 line on Saturday (2nd) and the Sportsman line on Sunday (2nd). Good luck finding a bike. I am in the large group photo above, just to the left of the guy in the foreground with the FOX shirt on. Take care and I hope to see you at the next event.
  11. Does anyone have anything else on this? I have had this bike/carb apart so may times, I'm dizzy. Fuel will not flow from the petcock to the fuel line, or the carb. After starting attempts, I pull the fuel line off and it is dry - only a spits worth of fuel from the petcock neck. Fuel line is clear, new needle-valve and seat placed today, fuel flows continuously from petcock, all vent lines are clear, carb has been cleaned twice. My next guess is the float level. Although, what could have happened to change/move the tang on the float-bridge??? I do not want to change that unless I absolutely have to, as the bike ran perfectly before the hydro-lock. Stumped.
  12. I think you are correct about the float-valve replacement. I have been riding bikes for a few decades now and have never had a hydro-locked bike. It would be worth the $12 of insurance for that to not happen again. The carb was dirty only on initial teardown. I will be cleaning the tank and petcock today. A new fuel-line and filter will be put in service too. Anything else would be welcome. Thanks for all so far.
  13. When it flooded, I cannot say where the fuel was coming from, as there was fuel over the clutch cover...everywhere. Some fuel may have flowed out the overflow but I cannot be sure. I was having a "moment" at that point. Now that I have cleaned and reassembled the carb, no fuel is getting into the float-bowl. The tank flows fuel from the petcock when not attached to the fuel-line. I plan to disassemble the carb today, remove and check the fuel line (??) and clean the float-valve again. I will probably remove the petcock and clean that as well. The carb was pretty dirty inside so I can't imagine any of this was done before I recently purchased the bike. Any additional wisdom would be appreciated. I am at 500-3000 feet altitude and about 80 degrees Farenheit.
  14. The other day I took my '07 Scorpa SY250 (Yamaha powered) trials bike out for a ride. I unloaded the bike and turned the gas on as I got dressed. When I approached the bike to start it, it was hydro-locked with fuel. Clearly something in the carb malfunctioned and allowed the cylinder to fill with fuel. There was also fuel all over the bottom-end of the motor.(???) I drained the cylinder, air-box, exhaust pipe, and cleaned the carb with some brake cleaner and compressed air. I reassembled the carb but now the float bowl will not fill. I know this to be true as the bike will not start and when I disassembled it again, there was no fuel in the float bowl. Is there a short answer to what, or why, the float bowl flooded then would not fill? Do I need a new float-needle assembly or is there another culprit? The carburetor is a "JK". It says "4GG 00 6H07" on the float bowl. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Murphys25

    Anyone around the SF Bay want to ride the yard?

    I went to Matt's house last week. This was the first time riding my 07 Scorpa SY250. 2Ply was there. He set my bike up for me in about ten minutes and I was good to go. WOW!! I had so much fun! If you have any experience riding a dirtbike, you will love trials riding. The manueverability of the bike is insane. I clearly have a lot to learn. Matt, Steve and 2Ply (Curt) pointed me in the right direction and boy did it make a big difference. The technique is completely different from dirtbike technique, but that is what makes it fun. We poked around through redwood trees and over logs. It was a great time. All of us participated in the British-American Cup at Frank Raines over the weekend. Matt and Steve showed me where to go for the day. Curt coached me around the course to show me the ropes. With Curt's coaching, I was able to clean a few sections and that was quite a victory. He is a wealth of knowledge. I found if I applied the smooth, controlled approach he recommended, I was successful. If I tried to "motocross" the section - not so successful. I will definitely be attending the next event at the end of June. Hopefully, I will be able to apply the knowledge gleaned over the weekend. Thanks for all the help guys! You are the best!