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  1. Hello. I have a YFZ450 that won't run now. I had someone do a compression check on it and it's supposed to be at 120, but it's only at 50. I think I need a top end. I live in Phoenix, AZ. Can anyone recommend a good shop? I'm looking for a mechanic who can do the job right for a reasonable price. Thank you in advance.
  2. sstanfie

    This guy needs to put on a helmet!

    Yeah, if these guys would have been riding dirtbikes instead of quads, everyone would be saying ... quads suck and guys who ride them are idiots. Fine examples of dirtbike riders. I'm sure you are proud.
  3. Check this site: http://torrentscan.com/
  4. sstanfie

    Done Busted My Wrist

    I just got done healing mine and I'm finally back riding again... My wrist right after surgery (the whole length of the stitch is the incision) Therapy sucked but was worth it.
  5. Where does it say it's a "DIRTBIKE FORUM"?
  6. sstanfie

    SICK Quad Movie

    But, he didn't ask for anyone's opinion. He simply posted the link for people who WANT to watch quad videos. If you dirt bike guys hate quads so much, why even read a thread called "SICK Quad Movie" or take the time to watch the video? We don't ask your opinions about quads or give a s.h.i.t if you think quads suck. Stick to your riding around in circles on the track, or trails that are "too narrow" for quads and STFU.
  7. sstanfie

    SICK Quad Movie

    Come to AZ and ride in the dunes and we'd see you falling every 5 minutes. I've heard it from several other guys that tried to ride dirt bikes with us there... "Dirt bikes just aren't made for the dunes".
  8. Thank you very much everyone.
  9. Hi. I'd like to get a dirt bike for my boys who are 6 and 8 yrs old who have never ridden before (only quads). What bike would you recommend? I was thinking of getting the Honda CRF50F. Thank you.
  10. sstanfie

    Just a few pic from the big AZ

    I've ridden there. It's fun.
  11. sstanfie

    6 weeks till i get this thing off

    My first knee surgery was to repair my ACL which was completely torn in half and a torn medial meniscus.... very similiar situation to yours. Good news is after the surgery and therapy, you should be able to completely recover... I did (took a while though). Make sure you give you decision to wait until fall to get it repaired a lot of thought... my knee surgeon told me the longer you wait, the less of a chance you have of a complete recovery... but maybe that was because my ACL was completely torn. Talk to your Dr. about it. Good luck.
  12. sstanfie

    6 weeks till i get this thing off

    It's the range of motion that might give you trouble... regardless if you had surgery or not. If you take any healthy joint and put it in a cast for 6 wks or so, scar tissue builds up and the tendons and ligaments tighten up. I can see in your pic your elbow and wrist are immobile. I personally have seen what happens when you put a wrist in a cast for 6 wks and my friend had his arm (along with his elbow) in a cast for 6 wks and he had the same problems. Even weeks after getting his cast off, he had only a very small amount of range of motion in his elbow and he never got it back until after he went to therapy. Getting this range of motion back is separate from getting back your strength and stamina. One thing you have going for you though is the fact that you are young. Go to a physical therapist, if your insurance will pay for it. It'll be worth it, trust me. I had three knee surgeries also, so I know the value of physical therapy.
  13. sstanfie

    6 weeks till i get this thing off

    Broke my wrist on 12-11-05, had surgery on 12-15-05, was in cast for 6 wks. Just finished therapy like a month ago and started riding again. Ease back into it and make sure you go to therapy.
  14. sstanfie

    Sonfg in a VIDEO

    Try this next time you need to send a large file to someone: http://www.yousendit.com/
  15. sstanfie

    1st TH Helmet cam vid.

    I saw that one and it's tempting because of the low price. What do you think about this one for $275 (580 lines): http://www.hoyttech.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=product.display&Product_ID=279&CFID=408306&CFTOKEN=71526938 Thanks.