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    83 Xt 550j

    Great thanks if you don't mind. I lent my Service Manual to buddy back in late 80's haven't seen it since. So it must be a air bleed then. Great that means the idle circuit is plugged. I'll PM you my email. Thanks again Mike

    The Mounds Jan. 1st

    They really should do some trail maintance in there. I think people would really get some use out of say a motorcross track. It's really just a sand pit with swamp thrown in for good measure. I guess when the trails are open to everyone that's the kinda place it is. Just my thoughts. Mike

    83 Xt 550j

    On carb mixture screw is it an air bleed or fuel screw? The one recessed left carb. In richer or out leaner? I looked at carb diagram and can't really figure it out. I turned it all the way in and the bike runs better than in a long time which if it's air bleed . The idle circuit must be plugged up. If it is mixture that just make's no sense at all. Stock jet's all around. New air filter. Supertrap with 5 fins.

    Amazing new indoor track 20 mins from Michigan border

    20 Mins from Michigan? Is there a way to get across the river from the Alconac area? Or do you need to make the trip all the way up to Port Huron and back down the other side? If I may suggest to make it more of an all year round attraction. Supermoto:thumbsup: Just open up the door's quik run out around the parking lot and back in the building. Mike


    The Sad thing is you will pay more in MCCA than for the actual insurance. I have PLPD on my XT550 that's $75.00 a year. Michigan casualty is $120.00 that bring's it up to $200.00 a year. Check Progresssive you can get an Online quote.

    Carb Fixed!

    Yep hardly ridden and like new are signals the fuel system need to be looked at.I bought an 03 that was brand new in Nov of 05 they had the Mechanic drain the carb and put new gas in the tank. I still had to replace the needle and jet's because of the varnish buildup. I really did'nt care since I stole the bike for $3700.00 OTD Mike

    Teaching My Kid

    I would recomend once she gets the basics down to sign her up for an ORV safety course. It's a day well spent with the kids.They go over everything from the Basics to first aid. http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/pmacwp/detail?.dir=aa44&.dnm=ea64.jpg Mike

    michigan super/minitards

    What would the difference be for the kids exactly? I'm kinda late to this so the SUMO tire's for my daughters TTR90 are still not mounted up. I ordered up the quick change conversion for my 450 but has not shipped yet. Are you planing any late fall practice? Or any practice before the race's? I havent heard yet how long Autocity will be doing SUMO. Like the little kids say"I just wanna RIDE" Thanks Mike

    03 Yz450 Exhaust/pipe/fuel issues

    Sounds like your very rich. Did you happen to buy and ride it when it was 20 Deg outside? J/K I'm no expert but my 03 is very finicky with jetting. 10 Deg change in temp is an 1/8 to 1/4 either way. It once ran great now very rich Mike

    How do you remove the brake caliper????

    Do you run 320mm on your dirt tire's or go back to stock . I'm planing on buying the easy switch conversion kit from motostrano. That one uses stock size rotor's for both. Mike

    ElectroSport Stator.

    Baja designs has 180 watt external stator.$439.00 http://shop.thumpertalk.com/catalogs/Tucker_Rocky_Offroad_2006/default.asp?p=313 Mike

    Track in pontiac?

    Private I would call it trespassing But then again I used to ride in the gravel pit's on Sunday nights Mike

    Track in pontiac?

    Yea i saw that too .I just never got around to checking it out. Mike

    Mounds in Genesse County

    PM'd you.

    Black Lake 4/29 - 5/2

    I rode there last year Red Bridge and Black Lake. I would make sure and have both Cheboygan county and the trail map. Several times in red bridge it was hard to tell if it was a road or a trail. Cheboygan County Sheriff said trails run North to South and roads run East and West. Um Yea OK. The last pic is in Black Lake that trail goes almost straight up the side of a mountain it's all or nothing. Have fun you will basically have the place to your self. Mike