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  1. ttr rider 24

    kx forks

    i have a 2001 kx125 and i just put new fork and dust seals in and am about to put new fork oil in, and i was wonder how much do i put in 652 cc? or 14oz or is that the same amount ?? i was also wonder how to bleed the forks and is it nessecessary????need hellp!!!! Any input appreciated Thanks
  2. ttr rider 24

    fork and dust seals ????

    i am changing my leaky fork and dust seals on my 01 kx125 and cant figure out how to slide the old seals off and the new ones on?? does the end of the fork leg(part that holds axle) come off?? or does the fork seperate?? need help!!!! any info appreciatated thanks
  3. ttr rider 24

    kx125 forks

    i have a 2001 kx125 and was changing the dust and fork seals and i am not sure how to get the end of the fork leg off? any input appreciated
  4. ttr rider 24


    i was thinking about buying a 2001 yz125 bored to 134cc. is that .80 over ?? how much more power would this make compared to a stock 125?? where would this extra power be at, powerband?
  5. ttr rider 24

    85 or 125 ?????

    I am 5' 6" 120 lbs. I currently have a ttr 125L, i am selling it and getting a bigger bike. I need help on making my decision between an 85 or a 2 stroke 125. The 85 seems like i would grow out of it fast but the 125 feels too big, i dont know which to get. would the 125 be too big and powerful for me, or is the 85 too small ????
  6. ttr rider 24

    ttr forks

    How do i remove the fork seals on a 2002 ttr 125L? Any info apprecited. thanks
  7. ttr rider 24

    ttr 125 fork spring oil

    i just got a new set of harder fork springs for my ttr 125l, and need to know if i need to use a heavier fork oil with these springs?
  8. ttr rider 24

    ttr 125 bars?

    I would like to get some new handlebars for my 2002 ttr 125L, but im confused on what to get. Would mini-high bars work? or would they be too small?
  9. ttr rider 24

    ttr 125 flywheel

    I have a 02 ttr 125l and i was thinking about sending in my flywheel to have it lightened. Will this give my bike more power or acceleration? is it hard to take off the flywheel?
  10. ttr rider 24

    TTR 125 Jetting

    I have a 02 ttr 125l and i have a t-4 pipe, air filter, airbox mod. I was planning on rejetting my bike. Does anyone have any suggestions on what size of jets i should get?
  11. ttr rider 24

    Bad Compression on 02 ttr 125L

    I have a 02 ttr 125L and it has very bad compression. It only takes a few kicks to start and it runs good and doesn't smoke. Does anyone know why it has such bad compression? Do i need to put a new piston in? Or does the top end need rebuilt?