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  1. I was hoping that someone may be able to tell me whether it is safe to disable the oil pump system on my 74 TM125 and just run mixed fuel. I just picked the bike up and haven't started it yet. I don't really trust the oil pump, but then again I'm not sure the engine will get oiled properly running mixed fuel the way it is designed. Any thoughts will be helpful, Thanks.
  2. No, this stipper was designed to remove paint from all metal surfaces. It doesn't tarnish or leave residue on the alluminum at all. It's actually pretty cool to watch it work, the paint starts to bubble only seconds after the stripper is applied. After about ten minutes the old paint can be wiped or washed away with water. Be warned though that this stuff is pretty toxic, wear rubber gloves and use in a place with good ventilation. The stuff I but is made by Klean-Strip and costs about $30 bucks a gallon.
  3. I use aircraft stripper on all my engines. It does a great job and is available at any local automotive paint supply store.
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    Aluminum Refinishing

    I am currently restoring a 74' Yamaha MX360 and was wondering what method/tools you guys use to refinish aluminum parts on these old bikes. Up until now I have hand sanded everything and used a scotch brite pad to finish off the parts before clear coating them. The hand sanding part is taking way to much effort. Orbital sanders are difficult to get into small spaces and a dremel tool is just plain too small. I have the engine mostly done at this point and am now working on the forks and wheels. I was hoping that you guys might know of a better tool for the job or maybe a better method. Your advice is much appreciated!
  5. alucard100

    computer guys?

    One more thing I would suggest is to use a third party web browser. Two of the more popular ones are Mozilla Firefox and Netscape Navigator. I personally use Firefox but either program will work well. Since Internet explorer is the most widely used browser, it also the most widely exploited. Just download and install either of these programs and I guarantee you will have fewer spyware problems. You should still use some kind of antispyware utility weekly to fend off these sneaky spyware companies. Here are some links. Mozilla Firefox Netscape