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  1. Percy BadBrush

    turning issues,can any one help me!

    besides all the setting up you gotta do,...once done go and get your self some sub tanks,this made so much differece to mine awsome!!!!!just holds the ground in corners ...dont want to budge...wouldnt be without them ......uk/expert rider
  2. Percy BadBrush

    Anyone running Yosh on rmz450

    been running Yoshi stainless slip on,power is so smooth and pulls all the way to the top,no big hit in or anything like that(BUT LOADS THERE IF YOU WANT IT)....infact the standard one has more of a aggressive snap in to the power, it but drops of earlier.........personally i found it made it even more easyer to ride GREAT PIPE UK/05 RMZ 450.....EXPERT
  3. Percy BadBrush

    Any1 live in England on here?

    chesterfield,derbyshire here