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  1. rm09

    Hand Cramping...no arm pump????

    i had the same problem in the beginning of the season. I lifted more and included a bar-rope with a weight to twist up and down to build my forearms it took it away in less than 2 weeks. Works awesome. Also don't have a death grip on the bike.
  2. rm09

    mx undergarments?

    I raced mx last week in 80+ degrees felt like 100. However, I got a nasty rash on places we don't need rashes. Lasted over a week and medicated creams made it worse. I spoke to guys about the "underarmor gear" sold at sporting good stores. I just bought compresion mx shorts with padding from my local mx dealer where it was recommended from the parts manager who is usually right-on with advice. Did anyone ever use under armor gear or mx shorts for under your mx pants. Thanks.
  3. rm09

    Numb hands?

    I had the same thing happen. I fixed it by going to the gym and lifting. I had weak forearms from the winter. Now I put strength training back into my routine. Amazing how much better I raced last week. Arm pump gone! Numbness Gone! Work out, preecher bar curls and use a rope with a weight and an old handle bar and twist it up and down for stong forearms, and oh I ride too! Hope you get better.
  4. rm09

    Flying Dutchman Harescramble

    I look forward to the Dutchman because it will be my first race / harescamble in years. I am just coming off the quads and sport bikes, back to MX. Can anyone tell me what rules or how the harescamble starts or works? Thanks
  5. rm09

    Atco Sx/mx?

    Oh maybe someone knows this? Is ATCO the old, "New Egypt Power Line Park Mx track" from 1989-the early 90s? I used to race at "New Egypt." I got out of MX in the 90s for sport bikes. However, I am back on the mx bikes. I should have never rode the street but then again I had to get it out of my system.
  6. rm09

    Atco Sx/mx?

    Sounds good! I have to get my vet-butt down there.
  7. rm09

    Go on strike E Town

    The way I look at it it sucks!. However, be glad we have a place to ride at the rate of development in NJ and eastern Pa. We are talking about NJ, the $ expensive place to live. I left NJ 17 years ago to go, 1 hour west, it seems like everyone else has the same idea now. Still like NJ but development is sucking up everything around here and the people that build generally don't appear to be the "mx type.!"
  8. rm09

    Keeping Fit for MX

    Ride, Ride, Ride! Cardio, eat right (beers in moderation can't forget that), push ups abs. Ride ON!
  9. Hey I am 35 and do lots of cardio, weights are ok for guys not in their 20's as long as you don't over do it. I find cardio and abs are the best some push ups. Do it daily or every other day and JUST RIDE ALOT! If you lift too much it is more soreness and injuries than it does good. YZ450F guy. PA.