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  1. hey everyone. i have a 2009 crf450 and had a quick question in regards to the orange light next to the kill switch. when i start the bike the square lights up solid for about 2-3 seconds, then the light becomes the size of a small dot about 1/16th in diameter. is this normal and can i ride it?
  2. Dr. Mark I recently had arthroscopic surgery in my elbow because of a condition called osteochondral defect. I was told that it is when the bone dies out from an impact or trauma and that I basically had an 18mm hole in my elbow. Its located right at the point where you usually get tennis elbow. My question to you is how does it take to recover from this surgery and when can i ride again. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Supercross

    red bull/ JGR/ MonaVie Honda 450: ben townley gavin gracyk jake morrison 250: justin barcia ryan dungey martin davalos manager:erik kehoe trainer:aldon baker
  4. some corners from last year:
  5. let me know what u think me some pics i took of my friend
  6. For Rent Two 2008 Fun Center/Rockstar/RG3 Suzuki RMZ-250s-The same bikes raced by Chris and Michael Blose in the West Coast Lites Supercross Series. $125 per moto= 1 moto $200 per class=2 motos + 1 practice (pump gas included) *(race fuel extra) + 5% sales tax on rental • Must have parents or guardian permission if under 18 years old. Parent/Guardian must be present with I.D. • (Must pay for parts weekly) If you break something and don’t pay for it, you can’t rent again until you pay for the parts you previously broke. • Must sign waiver of liability. • Must sign contract or responsibility for broken parts. • Must pay for any broken parts: levers, handlebars, fenders, ripped grips, header pipe, silencer, radiators, shift lever, rear brake pedal, bent brake rotors, bent rims, broken plastics, subframe • (I don’t care about scratches) I’m responsible for: graphics, suspension, yellow-black-white backgrounds, clutch, engine, tires, chain, sprockets, brake pads, cables-unless kinked in a crash, engine oil, air filter, cleaning, and fuel. • Reservations-1 week in advance is appreciated! (MIN 3 days) • Must pay in advance: check, money order, cash, etc • If sign rental contract for any series (set of number plates included for free!) - Series will include: Jack Frost, spring, summer, fall (minimum of 1 class per series/event) • Classes available: 125 novice, 125 amateur, 125 expert, vets, open, and 125 youth (2 riders per class= 2 bikes) • If renting for just 1 class, 1 moto, or 1 event; the renter must pay for numbers. • Riding gear available if needed. Sizes: medium or large. $25 per event to rent gear. Includes: helmet, boots, gloves, pants, shirt, chest protector, knee pads, kidney belt, and goggles. • If contract signed for series and you get hurt and can’t ride…You must commit to pay each week until someone else takes over rental of the bike for the remaining length of contract. • If you sign contract for 2 classes in a series you can take $25 off second class$175 -$200 first class, Total of $375 plus 5% tax. • If you reserve a bike and don’t show up: You still have to pay rental IN FULL! Unless you give me 72 hours cancellation notice or find someone else to take the bike for the time that you cancel. • If event is cancelled because of the weather, you get a credit or refund. Whatever you want of the two you choose. • If bike fails during a moto you get a free moto. will be attending ncsc races (including jack frost series), nesc, and several other leagues. pm or feel free to ask any questions!
  7. i believe number 434 is mike mcdade. nice pics though
  8. billy ainsworth was riding for chaplin w/ Marshall and Dube and got ninth overall at southwick but now hes riding for coastline
  9. is that billy's old bike? Billy, the mechanic for ncsc and nesc.BTW nice bike.
  10. You could have a kink or bend in your cables. So I suggest buying new ones.
  11. I have a 06 w/ dual white bros carbon pros and i cant say enough about how good they perform and sound. There is a huge gain down low and throughout the whole powerband.
  12. I think it means you are in need of new valves or a new top end because that happened to my bike. BTW you should check it and empty it every ride but normally there won't be that much in it.
  13. right radiator, handlebars, and a throttletube.