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    XT Riders

    while I'm on the subject of alternator amps, does anyone know what the xt350 alternator is rated at? I have seen a pic of it, and it looks different from the typical stator windings I am used to seeing... Reason I am asking is that I ride year round, and often wear a heated vest I made a few years ago. Here in Tennessee I can ride year round with the vest, but I have only had this xt since April or so..... so i have not tried it yet, and want to know if I am pushing the limits of the alternator/regulator on my bike..
  2. robsteros41

    XT Riders

    I replaced the old bulb in my 99 xt350 with an h4 halogen... just centered it up and installed the spring/retainer. the socket fit perfectly and I can finally see at night, which I could not do with the old incandescent bulb. I haven't read any specs on the alternator output, but it works very well at anything above idle... bright bright bright...... not making a recommendation.. just telling you what works for me.... Robster
  3. robsteros41

    need wiring help for dr125 dr200

    I think that would help tremendously!! If I could just get a scan of the wiring page or pages, I think I could get it straightened out. I have wanted to buy a whole manual, but as I am on a disability income, I have to pace my purchases. I traded for this bike with a fellow on Ebay... he wanted $60.00 for it, but I traded an old computer for it. I have it running pretty well.. wrong carb, but it idles pretty well.. bogs just a little in low to mid rpm's, then takes off like a dervish. I am starting to get right proud of it.. I think it likes me for rescuing it from the scrap heap Thanks greatly.....
  4. robsteros41

    need wiring help for dr125 dr200

    Hi, first post here.. was so pleased to finally find this forum. I have a 1995 DR125 that I got for next to nothing. I have invested a lot of time in getting it to run and blast about. It is becoming quite a joy to ride. However, the previous owners really did a hatchet job on it... wiring shredded, parts robbed, etc. I have gotten a rectifier block and am wanting to sort out the wiring so I can get the charging system back in operation. I have been running it by powering the cdi straight from the battery. I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to forward me a picture of a typical wiring diagram so I could get it straightened out. I know that the wiring is very similar if not identical to the dr200 and maybe other models. I intend to try and buy a manual as soon as I can afford it. Thanks.....