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  1. Andy_sets_da_pace

    2010 Rmz450 First Ride!

    haha yeah got a few between myself and my two brothers., and mx goon was that urself at kembla sunday at the back of the car park? and u racing clarence this w.e.
  2. Andy_sets_da_pace

    2010 Rmz450 First Ride!

    Yeah mine is a sweet ride, im stoked with it so far get to race it on the 26th to get a full test thou only problem ive had is breaking my hour meter by crashing. heres some pics not the best but all i bothered to take..
  3. Andy_sets_da_pace

    2010 Rmz450 Out Now In Aus

    Picked mine up today run is this weekend race it in two weeks.. pretty stoked. will post pics tomorrow.
  4. Andy_sets_da_pace

    Please post any pictures of your RM-Z 250

    heres my 07 before i sold it and my 08 which is for sale in Australia..
  5. Andy_sets_da_pace

    08 RMZ250 Pipe? OR Gearing?

    i run on my 08 rmz250 a full bills pipes sytem and 13/50 gearing , also in nsw australia and it works great alot more over rev and can used 2nd gear alot more out of turns.. my 2cents. and the fmf i know works great and that what was on my 07 .
  6. Andy_sets_da_pace

    08 exhausts?

    ive got a full bills system on my 08 RMZ250. works really well gave me loads more over rev and power in the top. but seemed to sacrificed a lil bottom end.
  7. Andy_sets_da_pace

    08 450 Recall?

    yeah i dont ride for a team its just a dealership, and they sold all of theres and i have decided to do for lites and open for some races and opesn for sx as i perform better on a 450, as they sold all of theres suzuki wont give out any more as there just going to wait to the 09s are realased.. but i found one in another state i will have one in a week or two from the other dealer which has one sitting on there floor !! so im sorted.
  8. Andy_sets_da_pace

    08 450 Recall?

    i was ment to pick up my K8 450 for my state titles and the SX series over here but they all got recalled and i was told by my sponsor that there not allowed to sell anymore as they have a problem with the cases cracking.....
  9. Andy_sets_da_pace

    Reed doesn't race Outdoors?

    yes im an aussie and i do like CR . i have met him and i do often ride and hang out with his cousin. i think he has a right to do what he wants and he can keep up with the top mx riders maybs not RC or JS but who else does. and if you dissagree look at redbud 07 hi got 3rd overall ... cough cough thats asy more that any net surfers words my 5 cents ..
  10. Andy_sets_da_pace

    guys that moved from 450 down to 250...

    i owned a 07 RMZ450 and 250 , ive got the 08 250 and still my old 450 ,i race the 250f and use the 450 for fun and practise, it helps me through around 250f alto easier , and you definatley get lazy on a 450 so when u race it ur not as good. and yes the 250f 07 and 08 are light and nimble . you should go great on one aswell plus there more fun and more confidence building !
  11. Andy_sets_da_pace


    haha and you forgot the 250f header touchs the front fender.
  12. Andy_sets_da_pace

    2008 Rmz250

    ive got a full bills pipes system on my bike , stock gearing, better tyres and different springs and revalved. my bike is awesome best 250f ive ever owned and ridden and my brothers kx250f 08 has the same and i prefer mine better overall!. im also going to get some motor work done later down the track also.like cams , high comp piston etc.
  13. Andy_sets_da_pace

    No Year End Give Aways For New RMZ Buyers?

    in australia they ran a 2 month deal with the pit tent for 2007 and 2008's like a few months ago. i have still yet to recieve mine .... but still hassling them for it .
  14. Andy_sets_da_pace

    Cuttin Backfire Screen

    yea i guess it cant hurt. umm my 07 had a FMF system on it before i sold it the 4.1 (not carbon) and mega bomb, it gave the bike alot better sound bore mid to top and aloud the bike to rev out alot more !also the blue anodized muffler looks real trick. the only thing i thought it would do is also boost the bottom it may hav a lil but nothin major. best thing i did on the 07 was suspension and the pipe thats bout it other than sprockets and twin air filter. bike didnt need anything else.
  15. Andy_sets_da_pace

    08 Ride Report From Previous KXF and YZF Owner

    with my 08 , i hasd the 07 and the new bike goes better in the bottom and suspension was better stock although with all my biikes i get it revalved or springs for me, but im putting a pipe on to give it some more top end. otherwise its all good. plus with my 07 and 08 they started easily in gear unlike my old KXF and CRF.