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  1. stuntrider7x

    Mark my words...Stewart will be 2011 Supercross Champion.

    Nope, I was at dilla and dungey did not impress me just like he never does in any race
  2. stuntrider7x

    Did everybody forget about Dungey?

    Think Dungey will tear up the Nationals again this year for shure but not SX
  3. stuntrider7x

    Did everybody forget about Dungey?

    Its a real accomplishment to pass a guy thats riding with no front brake, He won 1 race this season WoW, The rest of season he just rode around in the top five and never made the move to win, Even with JS and RV out at Jacksonville he still only managed 3rd, Dungey can also thank his great Suzuki and Mechanic for the chain problem that is reason he not in point lead.
  4. stuntrider7x

    Did everybody forget about Dungey?

    Dungey won only cause JS and RV crashed, He has not strait up passed JS,RV,CR,TC and won race, Sorry but its the truth and Dungey needs to focus on outdoors were he belongs!
  5. stuntrider7x

    First time at Indy

    Me and a friend are makeing the 600mile trip from PA for the first time and also looking for the same info.
  6. stuntrider7x

    Question for the Stewart Bashers....

    :thumbsup:Well said
  7. stuntrider7x

    #7 is going to land on someone.

    As many times as he needs to till he breaks Mcgraths record.
  8. stuntrider7x

    #7 is going to land on someone.

    Stewart is the best there ever was, Slow riders need get out of his way
  9. stuntrider7x

    Reed Interview

    yea I never cared for the 22crying and also didnt care for the take out attempt he put on JS at the final in 2009 it was lame
  10. stuntrider7x

    My thoughts on Dungey

    Couldn't be said better, Fans need to stick with their favorite riders and not just like who wins, Dungey last year is a perfect example cause when I was at Unadilla #5 got the most whoos and cheers, all the other riders were just thare.
  11. stuntrider7x

    Fastest man on the planet

    RV fast, Dungey gonna get Bitch Slapped by Carmichael for not winning again.
  12. stuntrider7x

    LA,, amazing race

    Love how Vilapoto and Stewart threw bike in front of dungey more than once and proved he got that #1 plate given to him last year
  13. stuntrider7x

    Sick Of Carmichael

    My main point was why does RC have to talk smack on all the other riders and just brag up his boy dungey, If he was a true professional he would do a better job on the broadcast and treat all the riders equal and not this favoritism towards that #1 suzuki rider, Also the riders he talks smack on are all still racing and he quit:moon:
  14. stuntrider7x

    Fastest man on the planet

  15. stuntrider7x

    Sick Of Carmichael