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  1. moscramble

    MHSC Jamestown

    Thanks for the input.I think I know the section your referring to and I believe someone blew through the ribbon on the practice lap and we didn't catch it till the end of lap 1.Your right it did not affect lap times really because it ended up taking the same amount of time or close to it.The arrow problem and trimming is hard to get exactly right on virgin trail.We only had about 4 or 5 guys that actually rode the whole loop prior to the race and we only rode it a handful of times so it was hard to follow until after the practice lap when the trail got beat in.Glad you had a good time and we'll see ya on the trail.
  2. moscramble

    MHSC Jamestown

    Just wondering what stories you heard after guys came back from their practice lap.
  3. moscramble

    MHSC Jamestown

    I am glad you liked it.The way the terrain is out there there is no easy trail.I heard a lot of people saying it was like an "old School" hare scramble.I thought it was a very tough couse myself when I rode it but it really did get good after the practice lap.When iI rode the final sweep lap it was fantastic.Hope to see ya at the race next year.Thanks again for coming.
  4. moscramble

    MHSC Jamestown

    We got some rain last night and they are calling for some more today and tomorrow so dust should not be a problem and neither should the heat,the high for Saturday and Sunday is 85.Cross your fingers it should be ideal conditions.
  5. moscramble

    MHSC Jamestown

    Hope to see everybody at the race June 3,4.We have 2 seperate trails this year.Atvs will ride the same course as last year with some added trail.The bikes get a new 7 to 8 mile approx. trail.Just like last year we are growing rocks on site,so be prepared. I just got back from marking part of the trail,it definitely keeps you on your toes.The bike trail is tight and technical in a lot of places but the fun factor is there.See ya next weekend!
  6. moscramble

    2001 400EXC Fork leaks

    Congrats on the new bike! Fork seals can be a problem on the wp forks.To start with you can pull the dust seal down and clean any grit from around the seal.If this does not work,it is time to replace the fork seals.I use an aftermarket brand because they are cheaper than the factory ones.It is not too hard to change them but it helps to have a fork seal driver.I have no idea what a shop would charge to do this since I have always done them myself.There are a few tricks that seem to work well. 1.After you put the forks back on loosen the pinch bolts a little to let the forks align themselves then tighten them back up. 2.You can take the spring out of the seal and cut a very small piece of it out then put it back together and reinstall it in the seal.(this is a little tricky ,you may try it on a bad seal so you dont ruin a new seal) 3. I would invest in some seal savers.I replaced 5 sets of fork seals on my 02 200 then my local mechanic told me these tips that I mentioned above,I changed seals and installed seal savers and have not replaced them since(1 year ago).Good luck!
  7. moscramble

    400EXC or Not

    I think the 400 is a great choice.Set up the sag ,install skid plate and handguards and you are ready to go! I have not had any problems with the front end being busy.The power delivery is very smooth all the way through.I was worried about the added weight over my 200,but after riding the 400 I do not notice the weight difference until I have to put it up on the bike stand.Other people have rode it and they all say that it rides like a cadillac and it feels like no other 4 stroke they have rode in the past.