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  1. cool thanks
  2. Does anyone have a Part# for the Edelbrock?? and is there anything else you need or is it a bolt on. I ride almost the same elevation but would like to beable to change it when I need to to get it perfect. Unless the mikuni is that much better then I would not mind changing jets.
  3. ANyone know what the stock front spring rates are? I want to get these
  4. yah I am going to get the xrs only carb.
  5. also I was looking at the part numbers and the xrs a TM 36-50. The one on the Thumper page looks like a pumper??
  6. Yah I was looking for a pumper. My dad has never had a problem with xr's in the past so I am going to go with them. Thanks
  7. Is this carb the same one that thumpertalk sells part# 42-6105? The xrs only one is 350 bucks and the thumpertalk one is only $174? Thanks, Drew And it for a 03 xr400
  8. Do you think the carb is really worth it? Is the low end that much better? Thats the only problem I have with my bike is starting it and not shooting out of the corners when I need it. The only time I have fell was when the bike would not go when I thought it would go and droped it. But I am really thinking about this carb, just want to get some info on how much better it was before I bought. Thanks Good luck with your bike. Oh and mine is a 02 with whitebrothers pipe and a KN filter.