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  1. Pennsylvania

    Good info,thanx.I will have to see how far Evensville is from here...maybe i'll check it out. Fullbore
  2. Pennsylvania

    That sounds great guys!I really appreciate the feedback.Sounds like it could be alot of fun.I'm use to running a 7-9 mile loop thru ruts,roots,and rocks with lots of elevation changes for 2hrs.So this ought to be a good one to see if my winter training has helped me out. fullbore
  3. Has anybody run this event in the past?How many miles is the loop?What is the terrain like?Are the conditions like they are here in upstate NY?Is it an organized event.I'd like to go down and run this before our WNYOA series starts and blow out the cob webs.
  4. Looks very nice!What material did you make the guard out of? Does the header wrap really make a difference?
  5. Is this for anybody to apply for?Or just the people that are listed?
  6. Make sure you run your chain looser than you are used to on the KDX.If you dont you will destroy a rear hub.I found out the hard way!
  7. MX573 in montrose
  8. I use Pro Action for my KTM and race mostly off road with occasional moto-x.They do fast,reliable work at a good price.
  9. Thats a great idea.Will defenetly look you up!
  10. Oh man Roger that was an awesome ride!It was great swapping spots back and forth just to stall in front of ya!Shold have used me for traction.......
  11. yes 40oz I am driving to this one and the next!I will devise some kind of homing device that we can keep upon ourselves that start to beep and vibrate when we get close to each other and then blow up if we go down so we dont get in the way!I'll get right on it..........
  12. Ok guys, whose headed to Cortland this weekend for some knobby acres action?As usual it will probably be muddy and knarly.But hey,who's complaining!
  13. sounds good.we'll keep an eye open for you.will be driving a 94 chevy xtended cab grn/silver with push bar and ktm on the windshield.good luck to all.
  14. Will be there ready to rock!40oz and I will be ripping it up.Will head over a day or two early and walk the course.If any of you guys get there and realize you need or forgot something we will have to try and figure out a way to recognize fellow TTrs.We live fairly close and can help out with something in a pinch.
  15. I had fun using moderators for traction!It was something alright.Would love to try it in better conditions.Still dont know why I went for that xtra lap...