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  1. trevorchappell

    DRZ400 Subframe Material Specs

    Isn't their a clear coat on the sub frame?, mabyee that's why it turned green?
  2. trevorchappell

    Suspected head gasket leak

    If you can get your hands on a cooling system pressure tester that is where I would start, pressurize the system to the specs on the cap and see if it leaks down.
  3. trevorchappell

    Airbox flow measurements

    I have wondered the same question, ... I did the 3x3 mod to my drz air box, but every motocross bike that I have ever owned has had no top on the air box at all, from 125cc bikes to 450 bikes. I think I am going to do some more trimming to mine this winter and see what happens!
  4. trevorchappell

    Yz 450 fcr install

    The yz front wheel is almost a direct bolt on with only 2 small washers needed to space the caliper over
  5. trevorchappell

    Yz 450 fcr install

  6. trevorchappell

    Yz 450 fcr install

    Those are some better pics of the air boot, it lines up with the opening of the carb perfect and has a built in separator for the air jets, it was very easy to fit and I have ran this setup all last summer without any issues in both sm and dirt trim
  7. trevorchappell

    Yz 450 fcr install

  8. trevorchappell

    Fuel starvation after tank off the bike

    I use a small zip tie, turn the valve to prime to prime the carb, then to on.... it should run
  9. trevorchappell

    Fuel starvation after tank off the bike

    Did you hook up the vacuum line to the fuel valve?
  10. trevorchappell

    Yz 450 fcr install

    The yz style clamps to the air box in 2 pieces, I just used a dremel to trim the opening a bit and slid the yz one in, I will post up some pics this evening
  11. trevorchappell

    Yz 450 fcr install

    I used the yz carb boot (it fits my head perfect, I took the yz air boot and trimmed my air box to fit it, and now use the yz air intake boot and air filter setup in the drz air box. The only thing that was tricked was I had to trim the body of the carb by the throttle wheel and I only use the one throttle cable, I really jetted the carb to my own specs and the thing rips now!, it is defenatly a mod I would recommend for the budget minded person. The whole setup cost me under $200
  12. trevorchappell

    Yz 450 fcr install

    I have been looking at upgrading to the fcr carb since I got the bike, a friend of mine acquired an 04 yz 450 that had a blown engine and was parting it out, so I bought the carb, boot, throttle/cable setup and intake boot. I also got the wheels. I am not new to wrenching on dirt bikes and new I could make it all work one way or another. Here is how I set it all up
  13. If you have a new spacer use vise grips and twist, it should pop right out
  14. trevorchappell

    Idle Screw Question

    Also make sure that the little o ring and washer are on the end of the fuel screw, they are easily lost if the fuel screw was removed and can cause some weird idle issues
  15. trevorchappell

    Idle Screw Question

    I go by the rule that anything over 3 turns out on the fuel screw means a richer piolet is needed