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    '03 crf230 hard shifting

    I WAS FEARING A TRANNIE REBUILD. wHAT DID THEY DO FOR THE $900? SHIFTER FORK? Before the rebuild, during the yellow stuff in the oil chage era, was the bike shifting hard or wierd? In some earlier threads I heard talk of some yellow plates (clutch plates??something that were yellow/orage and would show up in the oil
  2. I recentley bought an '03 230 for my daughter. On the test drive it shifted a little hard from 6th to 5th (needed a very slight stomp-did not seem bad). The rest of the gears were normal Next day we went on an easy ride and it shifted harder from 6-5 and also started shifting a little hard from 5-4. By the end of the ride 6-5 and 5-4 were OK but it was almost impossible to get from 1st to 2nd (had to lift so hard it hurt my foot through riding boots. Got home, changed the oil and found no metal but a few small pieces of yellow/orange thin, soft plastic stuff. This stuff kinda crumbled when rubbed between finger and thumb. Took it on another test drive and it shifted fine??????? Have not ridden it since. Any Ideas?????
  3. for the swing arm/frame points a 4" angle grinder works well (kinda stinky as you cut through the rubber of the bushing. Also a little tricky to cut in the center and keep away from the frame or swingarm. It's like surgery with an angle grinder--takes a while The swingarm/engine case points are tight access for cutting tool. A shop did this for me and they said they used a die grinder with metal abraisve blade (smaller diameter than the angle grinder for access) to get 80-90% through and then finished it off with a bimetal type metal blade; I do not know on what (hacksaw, sawzall, etc--I do not know) Figure out where it's frozen. Most likely in the engine case. Pior to cutting try at least a week of penetrating oil (Kroil or croil (somethingn like that)is one of the best). Then drift/hammer or impact hammer or press. Heat may help. Cutting it out is a pain so try other stuff first. Wish I could be more help---mine sucked
  4. sloxr

    coolant leak/ wanna go riding

    Thanks. Not what I wanted to hear (the dirts perfect right now), but thanks
  5. Slow leak coming out of the weep hole in the water pump cover. Anybody gone riding with this? I would love to get about a one hour ride in and then replace the O ring.
  6. '95 xr 400. I had to pull my engine and it was easy until the swing arm pivot bolt. It was frozen at the engine case bushing points. Has to make four cuts (two at the swing arm/ frame points and two at the swing arm/case points). This freed the engine but the bolt was still frozen in the case. It's at the machine shop getting some electronic/sonic(?) blasting to safely remove the stub stuck within the case. BOTTOM LINE; Remove and lube the swing arm pivot bolt regularly (annually?)to save yourself a whole lotta grief and $$$