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  1. $ ?????
  2. Hey i just picked up an 06kxf250 and it came with some extra stuff, i have an idea of what its worth but lets hear what u think: Stock exhaust system (perfect condition) stock rims (just hoops, perfect condition) thanks my bike:
  3. Anyone picked one up yet? post'em 2007 250f shootout? anyone found one, just curious...
  4. i think this is the first one for the 06's, if you read the other "250f exhaust choices" one you will know why i started a new thread
  5. white bros. ? how are they?
  6. Kind of new to the four strokes and wondered which exhaust gives the most performance gains? thanks
  7. but if you sit on straights wouldnt that give more weight on the back tire, therefor more traction?
  8. when should you sit or stand, people tell me i sit to much. straight aways? into corners? help thanks
  9. Title says it, will be used on a 04 rm85 i was thinking factory fatty/shorty,,,,, or,,,,, works pipe/304 shorty thanks also, what is a better air filter, twin air or uni?
  10. Im talking about tranny oil (not the oil you mix with gas )
  11. My first race is tommorow and i need oil for my rm85 ( 10w-40 ) I went to the bike shop today and he said belray EXL will work ( on the back of the bottle it says for four strokes). will it wrk?
  12. wow that kid got bagged hard at the end of the whitney opener movie
  13. really ! you first i prolly know u
  14. peterborough area