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  1. wvcrf450

    Bent Rim

    Check out pro wheel about 200 for front and rear and change the color just find someone to lace them up for you.
  2. wvcrf450

    How far do you let your tires go?

    Before my child was born 3 years ago a group of us would get to ride some times every day about 4 hours a day between late may to early September. It would be dark going back to the trucks, there was little to no pavement involved. But that slate dump we rode at was set up like a motocross track and that slate destroyed tires, there would be lugs completely missing from new tires some times after the first ride on them. And other places we rode was muddy to hard packed dirt to rocks and roots that wasn't as hard on them as that slate. Now I get to go twice a week if im lucky that slate pile is being used by the coal company, they started digging coal again. That last ride year before my son was born I used almost 4 gallon of 927.
  3. wvcrf450

    How far do you let your tires go?

    Just depends on what you are doing, Riding trail/woods like I do I change them when my breaking traction gets bad, thats worse than not enough go traction. I change the front tire when it loses its edge about every month, month and a half. If I raced for a living or very serious a new tire F/R for each moto, a weekend warrior when the tire edge is gone. But if you can afford it, change them out every weekend and give your poor buddy's your leftovers. My KX 500 that I had for 4 years I put a good tire up front and I could get Kendas for about $55 ( thats why you make friends with a shop)and they would go bad about 2 to 3 weeks with little to no pavement when you change the tires, live a little and put heavy duty tubes they are tough to bust.
  4. wvcrf450

    bike or atv

    The yzf for sure, 4wheelers are for farm use or drunks.
  5. wvcrf450

    Stolen Bike !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Help

    I know how bad that sucks last June my 2006 crf450 was stolen (6 payments deep on it ) out of my building. Along with $300 Thor helmet 3 other helmets and a hole bunch of other crap tools, gear etc 12k worth. They tried to take my wifes 2005 400 ex but couldn't get it to run. Home owners in West Virginia will not cover cycles or 4 wheelers like I thought it would, only mowers and weed eaters. Two weeks ago I payed it off 7k worth and now have a 2007 kxf 450 to replace it and by the way its better than the crf and I have had 6 Honda's and I'm just a little bit pro Honda. Any way I was riding in the woods and seen a shit bag on it thanks to WV state police and my will to get it back. I chased him in the woods then to the hard road breaking several laws including doubling some of the posted speed limit he then give up and left my stolen bike in some guys back yard and he took off. His buddy's told on him who he was and lived and they was busted with dope how sweet is all that. This was like a part out of the movie the transporter. So now its in my building but about $1500 worse for wear but its payed for and back home.
  6. wvcrf450

    Powervalve question...

    DIRTRIDER007 If you are a pretty good wrench and in good standings with your local shop follow the service manual while you take it apart VERY SLOW take your time its not time to race now especially on the first tear down. Do work in a area on table/bench that has no other items on it and keep only the tools needed for the job on the table/bench extra tools can hide parts and be pulled off or dropped taking parts to the ground, and I always work on a old white towel that its clean(shop clean).The towel is there for three reasons one is so you can see the little things that may come out or apart so you can find it easy, things don't roll off the table to the floor on the towel and the towel is easy on machined areas/ parts. Taking one step at a time and keeping up with the manual and keeping a mental note how it comes apart. Keep all the pieces in a box and identify the parts with the manual during disassembly. And if you have friends at the shop they should be more than happy to give some direction in a tough spot. And when working on the power valve clean the cylinder and take off the accesses cover to the P/V and use carb cleaner if you don't have a parts cleaner table it is going to be very dirty and things may be frozen because of carbon and oil build up use good judgment. Remember to clean all the parts good before putting it back together and keeping all the pieces in a box and having clean parts if you cant get it back together take it to the shop in the box your keeping it all in.
  7. wvcrf450

    07 kx450 oil pump BAD NEWS

    I did'nt take the fly wheel off its a little tight but you dont have to take it off.
  8. wvcrf450

    07 kx450 oil pump BAD NEWS

    I checked with my dealer and was told that excessive silicone was used to assemble the motor at the factory. He also races the 07 kxf 450 and had a 06 kxf last year and the 06 held up fine with plenty of abuse until a bad crash. He told me that some silicone may clog the oil pump screen and block the oil flow to the pump,running the pump/ engine dry probably causing all of the problems of the oil pump /shafts. I checked my 450 the same day you did yours after the break in ride, about 3 hours of ride time with the last hour running it hard. I had one long piece and just a small amount of little silicone pieces on the screen not enough for blockage it had no metal flakes / shavings. USE CAUTION when pulling the oil pump cover, make sure that the pin that holds the oil pump gear to the outer shaft is in the correct spot when putting it back together. The outer shift lines up with the shaft on the inside of the motor (slot and grove) the oil pump gears will be flush when seated correctly my pump shaft and inner pump gear pulled out of spot and the pin fell out when taking it apart it is very little so look. If the pin is not there the pump will not work the shaft will just spin until disaster strikes. look at www.kawasaki.com there you will find the parts manual on line.