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  1. miweber929

    speedometer wr450

    Download an app on your smartphone and simply by a holder for it, cheapest and easiest way I know of. Mike
  2. miweber929

    Wr450 with yz250 motor headache

    So then what then us making you think you have a 450 frame besides the auction paperwork? I guess what I'm getting at is an "immaculate" bike wouldn't normally be how I'd describe a 250 motor shoved into a 450 frame. There would have to be some weld marks or homemade brackets as I don't believe they are the same mounting points in the lower end. The auction paperwork could be wrong, you never know what non cycle people are seeing and you might be assuming something that's not. The YZ wouldn't be electric start, that's your first clue, but those can be removed so look for plugs in the motor. A YZ could simply have lights installed as well making you think that's what you have, I guess determining if you have a WR250/450 frame with a YZ250 motor or a YZ250 frame and motor with wrong paperwork and lights is the first thing I'd do. There are several things here if it's a YZ in a WR frame besides simply the wiring harness; most of the electrical components are different because a WR would have a battery and a YZ doesn't so there's CDI, regulator, stator, battery and battery box, the wiring harness is only one part. Take some good pics and post them, maybe we can help you figure this out Mike
  3. miweber929

    Wr450 with yz250 motor headache

    A YZ250 two stroke or four? If a four stroke, how do you know you didn't buy a WR250? I guess I'm confused here...... Regardless, a vin checker will tell you on both the motor and frame. Google them. Mike
  4. miweber929

    on/off road gearing?

    +1 up front, -1 on the rear, works like a charm on my 450. Mike
  5. miweber929

    Early 450 Side Stand

    I've owned my 04 for, sheesh, 6 or 7 years now and have kick started it exactly 3 times: first time to see if it would start without a battery (it wouldn't), second time my dad did it when the OE battery failed on him in the woods in the middle of nowhere (30 inch inseam as well) and the third time was last fall when I realized I've personally only kicked it one time and was curious how hard it was to do it. So lots of people say lots of things about the electric leg on this (and other) forums, 90% of them are untrue as long as you maintain your charging system and carburetor and your bike is tuned. First start of the season is done from the electric starter, they work just fine. As far as a kickstand goes, mine is OEM and aluminum, and it's very strong. I'd personally shop eBay for a used one from an 04-06 (or two) and keep an eye on it from time to time. Might be a better solution than aftermarket. And cheaper. Mike
  6. miweber929

    Simple stupid question

    No, you shouldn't have to live with that. Check your timing, valves and jetting. Get all that stuff taken care of and correct and this should be a two kick bike with little or no fear of kickback. Mike
  7. miweber929

    Gyrt ais removal now terrible gas mileage

    Sounds like they didn't so much jet the bike as they did throw whatever jets they found in it and it's running very rich. My 04 is jetted mostly per the FMF Q2 specs that came with the bike and runs great all the way around as well as gets in the mid to upper 30's for MPG. I bet if you crack the throttle on the stand you'll see (and smell) a puff of dark smoke coming out the back, you shouldn't see that. Take it somewhere to get it jetted properly. Mike
  8. It can't ruin a rectifier unless hooked up wrong. WR's are not known for ruining rectifiers and good luck, buddy, you're now on your own. Mike
  9. The kit did nothing to "increase" voltage, it's not hooked up right, end of story. You are asking us to find a problem with something YOU wired up without us being there to see anything and give us no information to go on to help us troubleshooting it. And you're looking at throwing parts at something without knowing its bad or even determining that is the problem. First thing you need to do is go over your wiring and instructions. Are you the original owner of the bike? Any stator mods? Any additional electrical mods? How much voltage are you getting at the light sockets? Have you tested the wiring to see if the path is good with no shorts in it? If you don't have a meter go buy one, you'll never be able to fix it without knowing what's going on. You have one of two things going on, either a direct short in the lighting circuit or too much voltage at the bulbs. Without knowing your skill or any additional info it's all a guess. Mike
  10. miweber929

    Loudest exhaust

    We don't have restrictions either in most places except what a private person or organization may have, we just choose to act in a responsible manor. Also loud pipes generally have no back pressure so the bike runs like shit; your call, quieter and good running or loud and crap. As stated, if you want loud, run it open pipe Or buy a cheap ass pipe and gut it. But don't be that &%$#@!, please. Mike
  11. miweber929

    When to replace Wr450f piston and rings?!

    Anyone what? We answered the question, the piston needs to be replaced after 200 hours or you are working on borrowed tine. If you want anything more than that go lower performance like a DRZ or Honda XR. Whether you are "easy" or not on the motor really doesn't make much difference, some, but not enough to completely change the interval. Not what you want to hear but it's the truth. Sorry man.
  12. miweber929

    When to replace Wr450f piston and rings?!

    Sorry to say but yeah, you're wrong. Will they run with a worn out piston? Sure, and that's what you're thinking of. Will it fail at the most inopportune time? Probably, and it'll take much more expensive things with it. In the world of high performance singles, 200 hours is forever maint time wise. Mine
  13. miweber929

    Wr 426 auto decomp: what size shims?

    That's not how it works, you have to measure after install, wear on each bike is different. Honestly, buy a kit, you'll use it eventually. Mike
  14. miweber929

    Grey wire mod

    The "grey wire" on the FI models are the stock ECU; to "cut the grey wire" you replace it with the competition ECU. Mike
  15. miweber929

    Another hard starting WR

    Stupid question, but have you simply adjusted the idle to a higher rpm? If the idle is set too low, you could have pretty much all the symptoms mentioned which on a single cylinder bike idle is higher than a lot of people are used to. Just a thought. You are checking in the right areas, but next time you go into the carb clean EVERYTHING including all passageways. Mike