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  1. Great info.... I have an 06 4fitty that I want to do the exact same thing on!!! I let you know if I get r dun...
  2. I lost my dad to cancer as well when I was 8 and I can still remember how hard it was for my Mom. The donation page is great. Any TTer's in that area, remember to take those kid's riding so they can continue in their dad's tiretracks. We'll shed a tear for our loss, but celebrate his life... I'm sure that's how he would want it.
  3. Don't forget to air that front tire down a bit, helps lower speed steering stability. I usually run mine about 5 psi in the dunes. Stock gearing has worked fine for me but I certainly don't hit the jumps in 4th tapped... (big wuss I guess). Those big air jumps look cool in the vidoes but for us meer mortals, broken bones = hard to make the house payment!!! Also, when I put my 8 paddle on I have a two link extension I add to my chain so I can move the wheel farther back and keep the paddle from eating my mud flap. Go with a steel whip flag, fiberglass tend to brake often.
  4. You'll never know until you ride one, no matter what anybody says.... My riding buddy has an 05 CRF450 and I have an 06 KX450F. I'm 5' 9" and can touch both feet on the ground on the Honda but only one foot on my Kawi. But when I'm riding them I don't notice the minor seat height difference and they both feel very similar. As far as the handling goes its all going to come down to setup to make the bike do what you want. Another riding buddy of mine loved his 05 CRF450 but couldn't get his 06 CRF450 dialed in, go figure. He's one of the lucky ones who get a new bike every year.... Anyway, best advice, try to find someone who has one and take a test spin. Or like everyone always says, there all good, pick your favorite color.
  5. If your using a fiberglass whip, better bring one extra at least, those get broke often.... A stainless steel whip can be bent back into shape in the few cases that it might get wraped up in the wheel/sprocket/chain... Also, air your front tire down to about 5 psi, makes it plane way easier and helps low speed steering.... Just watch out for anything like a tree root or cement curb that might pinch your tube or worse yet bend your rim.
  6. I've got my carb sitting in my buddies garage as I had to drill and tap out the hot start plunger because I was too lazy and didn't grease it !@#$*..... I have to wait few days for the new parts to come in but I'll check it out and see if it has the model number on the side when I pick it up this weekend....
  7. any top end speed issues can be fixed with a sprocket change in back, if i remember right the top speeds came in at like 70 or 72 on the KXF and 76 on the Honda. I don't normally ride that fast except for short bursts anyway... Those numbers were with stock gearing.
  8. I just put an extra link in my chain and run the wheel farther back, I have just enough adjustment to get away with it....
  9. Anybody had thier hot start lock up or cease on them? I just went to pull mine in and it wouldn't budge. Haven't checked it out yet but may be a little corrosion in the there somewhere??? I never have to use it so the old use it or lose it must apply....
  10. Oh yeah, forgot, just found out my hot start is locked up... haven't checked it out to see what's wrong yet, I never have to use it, maybe that's why it locked up???
  11. I've been out a couple times in the dunes with a paddle and didn't have any issues with the top end speed.... But I have a pretty mellow riding style. Crashing at high speed never really appealed to me much. Really though, I used to ride a kx500 in the dunes and I swapped with my buddies 05 cfr450 while we were riding and there just didn't seem to be that much difference. We never drag raced them. Maybe next time just to see... It's plenty fast for me and I have it at stock gearing.
  12. Just a leaking water pump shaft seal after about 4 months, 9 months old now and only a broken front brake lever to add to the list.... Although it did crack my rib!!!
  13. Price wise you'll get into that kx for probably less than half of what your 450 cost but for all around riding I would stick with the 450. I switched from a kx500 to a wr426 and loved it, but then I started riding more track than trail so I moved up to a kx450f. Riding them side by side I just like the ease and feeling of the 426 compared to the kx500. I had a 94 kx500 for 2 years and and 98 kx500 for about 2 months before I switched. If you like sheer power and have good throttle control the kx500 is hard to beat dollar for dollar but I have never caught myself wishing I was on the 500 instead of the 450 and that's including riding in the dunes, trails, or track. Height wise, both the KX500's had a shorter seat height than the WR or the KXF. My buddies 05 CRF450 has has a shorter seat height than all three. Weight wise it's pretty much a toss up, the WR was quite a bit heavier than any mentioned but I still loved it on the trails. Oh yeah, the newer 450's with auto de-compression cams are a bit easier to kick start than the kx500. Although I never had a problem kicking them over anyway. My friends all seemed to have issues, but they weren't used to it. You can definatley tell when someone knows how to start a kx500 compared to someone who's just trying it for the first time...
  14. I'm only 5' 10".... ok.. ok... 5' 9 and 1/2" but my riding buddy is around 6' 2". He has an 05 CRF450 and we trade off from time to time just to see the difference in the bikes. I know his Honda sits a bit lower than my stock KX450F because I can touch both toes on his but only one on mine. As for feel when you are riding, we've both came to the conclusion that besides the 4 speed and the 5 speed, there is isn't much of a difference in the two that can't be tweaked with different settings, bars, clamps, etc. Go sit on all of them at the shop at least and you can kinda tell the stock differences.
  15. Nice pic Joshb, that must have been a shot from moto 1. If it was in Moto 2 I would have been standing right on the fence just up from you where the guy with the grey hair and grey sweatshirt was in this pic. Ryan's bike in moto one looked to have some major engine failure. I was waiting for him to come around the corner to the downhill and he never showed so I ran up and over the hill to see him on the side of the track kicking it over. I asked a guy standing there what happened and he said it just stalled out. after about 30 seconds to a minute of kicking it over, the motor locked up and it wouldn't even kick over. He pushed it off the track in disgust....