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  1. 660raptor

    Power Valve hitting piston

    I have contacted Athena and Millennium Technologies about this issue. Athena is sending me a new piston as we speak. Also I am sending everything back to Millennium to get inspected to check adhesion of coating. About your ideas Crank Free-Play = I had check it before I put it in and there was none. Oil in gas = Like I said before I use the same gas with other bikes. I mixed all the same gas 32:1 then made 2 gallons of it 20:1 for break in. Clearance = was set to one thousand's from Millennium So we will see what happens. I really want to find the root of the problem before I go ahead and replace everything again. Thanks for your input
  2. 660raptor

    Power Valve hitting piston

    Here are some pictures of the piston, cylinder, and power valve. http://s789.photobucket.com/albums/yy172/tdokasten/YZ%20125%20blown%20up/
  3. 660raptor

    Power Valve hitting piston

    So I tore down the bike a few days ago. What I saw was not good. The cause of blowing up was most likley NOT the power valve. By looking at the piston it was clear that either it over heated or the gas mixture was off. I have three two stroke bikes in my family, 2 others besides yz125. None of the other bikes had any problems, they all use the same gas. All I did was add more oil to the 125 for the break in. So I can rule out the gas.
  4. 660raptor

    Power Valve hitting piston

    I did not have it bored out. I sent it out to get welded, bored, coated and honed. It was stock bore set to A spec. I got a A spec piston as well. I have done this in the past with another bike and did not have to shave powervalve. I called for a price check on the power valve, it was like 200 a valve. WOWWWW. So that is not good news to hear. I will tear it down later this week. I know I will need at least a piston and at least a new shaft and seal. Funny part is that I did check the clearence of the power valve and piston. I did not measure it because in the manual it doesnt even talk about the powervalve. Thanks for your help. I will post some pics once I get it tore down. Tim
  5. 660raptor

    Power Valve hitting piston

    I have a 2001 YZ 125 that just got rebuilt becuase of a cracked piston. Everything ran smoothly for break in and for the first hour of our ride. On the way back the bike locked up in 4th gear. Took exhaust off and looked in the port, the powervalve is scraping the piston. It has marks all down the exhaust side of piston. What went wrong. I set powervalve right, was this just a clearence problem. I have read a few post on here about the stopper getting worn. Also there was alot of spooge in the powervalve cover on side of the engine. The seal seems to be broken. So just replace powervalve with new one and get new piston? Tim
  6. 660raptor

    Deep woods riding alone tips?

    As for carring a gun with you on the trail you would need a CCW, Concieled Carry Weapon. But like everyone else said if your protecting yourself from animals it is most likely useless. I have seen a black bear on the trail and it scared me soo bad. But I had a split second to react and I pulled the clutch and revved up the bike, it was a two stoke with a pipe on it so it screamed. The bear was so scared he triped over his own feet and ran into the woods. Bears and animals are more scared of you as a human in general let alone when you are in there woods on a very load very bright bike. I can understand why you would want to carry a gun with you. I had to leave my girlfriend, now wife, alone on the trail so I could go get help becuase my brohter bike broke down. She was by herself and very scared because you could get away with murder in the woods. I only had a knife that was a nice size but no gun. It just makes you feel safer to have it. The chances of something happening are very small but what if it did and you could have prepared for it. Like if something would have happend to my girl and I didnt have anything for her I would be crushed and never forgive myself for what happend. If you are carrying a gun or want to make sure you have a good gun and keep it in a sealed place. On the person like you normaly would carry it will destroy the gun. Guns dont like sand and dirt and water. So make sure you keep it safe and dont have the chamber loaded also with safty on. On a side not one of the safest guns is a glock 9. Not alot of punch but plenty of safty things on it and its small and light. P.S. Remember that post on here about that group in of people that tied a rope on a tree and pulled it tight when a rider came by. there are people out there that dont like us riding on trails that pass by there land or they think its there land. So crazy stuff does happen. Just my two cents
  7. 660raptor

    Deep woods riding alone tips?

    I never ride alone becuase I have had to much stuff happen to me on the trail. I got into a head on crash witha dumb @*@! ona big to big for him and he hit me and I fell off the bike and hurt my foot realy bad. I broke my foot 3 years before and it felt like I did break it again but I didnt. I ride with my brother all the time he is a EMT and he helps me out and other peopel if they have proplems. Also breaking down is a big thing also. You cant carry everything one one person also. Spare parts, sparks plugs tools, water, food, stuff to start a fire just incase, some tolet paper incase of a number two comes around. I have broken down in the middle of no ware in west virgina, the hatfield macoy trails. For the person that said something about that place, its all true, what a trip that was. Wow if you wrecked out there you are pretty much done for. Also about the crazy people inthe woods. hahaha i had a close call like that. One time in Michigan way north we whre going to a trail head to find 4 cops a state tropper and a EMT, and DNR. We talked to them and told us to wait untill they searched the area for a crazed woment that said she was going to kill herself. We went on the trial and I pass a cop car, yea on the trail, it was crazy. We stoped at a road a few miles down the road to find all the cop cars and everyone putting the crazy women in the back of the EMT bus. hahah what a crazy day. Also the guy that hit me was riding alone. So listen to everyone here dont ride alone its not worth it. Plus is alot more fun to share your riding exsperence with someone else.
  8. 660raptor

    LTR450 Vs. YFZ450

    My choice would be the YFZ for many resones. You sai that you are going to be racing GNCC and trail and some track. You would be much better off with the YFZ. They have taking alot of heat for there quads not being confortable and have fixed alot of the proplems. the shocks are plush and dont G out at all. It is alot smaller and lighter so that always helps. Plus its cheaper too. Dont get me wrong im a yamaha fan to the core but the LTR is a nice quad. It is something to consider, you might want to try and ride them both. I bet depedning on your size that you are going like the YFZ it feels small and light and you can turn it on a dime.
  9. 660raptor

    1998 warrior problem

    I would check your shifter. Somethig like that happened to me when i had a warrior. You can adjust the shifter up and down and if it to far up then you dont fully engage the gear causing it to slip out. Try checking that and your clutch caple macking sure that its tight and you fully engaged.
  10. 660raptor

    LTR450 V.s YFZ450

    Well I work at a Yamaha Suzuki dealer and I have riden botha nd raced them both in the parking lot. Its quite big we got into the top of third. The YFZ has alot more punch that is for sure. Put the LTR runs like a champ with no hicups or sputering like the YFZ can do sometimes. As far as the shocks go the LTR has the YFZ beat. The YFZ feels realy plush and handles great and is alot smaller then the LTR. I am a Yamaha man and my blood is blue, so I am going to say the YFZ. that said people at the store and racer that come in say the LTR is track ready stock. It would take 1000$ to make the YFZ be the same. A racer brought in his LTR with a pipe cut fender frame recall, , and air box trick and programer. Man did that thing rip sooooooo hard. It sounding like a monster. No spark arestor in the pipe and this thing was so fast its scary. If you stand up in 2nd and punch it you damn near get thrown off the bike. It feels like a dirt bike with the power that it has, but yet it doesnt wheely like you think it would. So basicly ride them both and see what you are going to do with it. If you are Racing go with LTR or if you have the extra cash get the YFZ with some goodies on it. If your not racing hardcore then get the YFZ. It is a great quad and has been out for many years and is prety much bullit proof. The ltr came out with a bad start, the frame recall. Not your average proplem but seems to be with Suzuki Quads, the LTZ400, the a arm proplem, So who knows what that quad will do in a few years.
  11. 660raptor

    Suzuki Suzuki LTR 450 Frame Recall

    Have you heard about this frame recall. I work at a Yamaha Suzuki dealer and they have to weld up the rear susupention on all 2006 new models that fit the vin numbers. I saw they guys welding it up and it seems that they didnt weld all the way around rear linkage housing attached to the frame. If the weld was craked then the dealer has to replace THE WHOLE FRAME. I cannot beleave this. What a drag if i had a LTR 450 i would be pissed if i had to have my motor yanged out and put in a new frame.
  12. 660raptor

    Yet Another Moronic Quad Rider

    Hey you guys hate quad's much. hahaha. I admit allot of people on quads are idiots but its not just quads its everyone. I ride both quads and dirt bikes and wear the same amount of gear for both. That guy was really stupid.
  13. 660raptor

    Red or Blue?

    No matter what bike you get its going to be good. Honda and Yamaha are two of the best bike builders there are. I would think about where your going to be riding before you pick the bike. Like before i think the WR 250, or the CRX 250 would suit more of a trail rider. Trust me from after a long day of riding, kick starting is the last thing you want to do. Plus if you ever ride in cold weather your NEVER going to kick that thing over Electric start all the way. Yamaha ALL the way.
  14. 660raptor

    Raptor 660 Info

    hey, as a fellow raptor owner i can give you this. Look into Craycraft they make the badiest engine mods for the 660. Go to BlueTraxx.com for all that is blue, and Raptorfourm for the raptor info. Happy modifiing