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  1. cemmons32

    Amsoil 4 Stroke Oil any good?

    Did not know that lol. I saw grey oil and assumed it was just breaking down faster or something so I got scared and went back to Mobil one.
  2. cemmons32

    Amsoil 4 Stroke Oil any good?

    I wasn’t a big fan on their oil. I had always heard how great it was so I decided to try some and every time I drained my oil it was dirty. I have always used Mobil one 4t 10-40 in the past and it has been great. I change my oil every ride, sometimes every other ride and it is normally just as clean as when I put it in, but the amsoil was grey every time I changed it so I went back to Mobil one.
  3. cemmons32

    13-16 tall seat?

    That is what I was afraid of, it isn’t terrible so I will just deal with it and get used to it, thank you.
  4. cemmons32

    13-16 tall seat?

    Anyone out there running or ever ridden a 13-16 with a tall seat? I am not that tall, 5’9”-5’10”, and I love the ay the stock bike fits me, but I put some neken sfs clamps on which raised the bars a little, and I had to go to an oversized bar also and the fat bar version of the stock bend bar is just a little taller, bike still feels good but when I sit down in corners and try to get my elbows up I almost have to shrug my shoulders a little now b cause everything is just a little taller. I was considering using a GUTS tall seat to try to get me up over the bike a little more when seated, their web site says they are 1” taller than stock, but then I start wondering about if it will make moving around on the bike feel different or if that plan would even work, anyone on here tried a tall seat on a 13-16? Thoughts on it?
  5. cemmons32

    16 crf450r recall not done

    I think any dealer would do the recall, if that dealer truly didn’t do either of the things they told you they did then I wouldn’t trust them to take it back to them, I would take it to another Honda dealer and have them look at it, if that Honda dealer confirms that the update was not done and such then i would think you could contact Honda about the whole thing.
  6. cemmons32

    2014 crf450r motor build

    Ok will do, thank you.
  7. cemmons32

    2014 crf450r motor build

    Anyone know a better way to get a hold of Ron hamp? I emailed and tried to call but haven’t been able to get a hold of him, I have a new 16 I am interested in having him do some work on.
  8. cemmons32

    Magura clutch fit from 2016 to 2017

    Slave cylinder is the same, Magura just forgot to send me the spacer that goes behind the bracket at one end and the longer bolt that goes with it also. Kind of a hokie design I think, not a fan of the spacer thing, thinking about converting everything over to a 2013-2014 setup that mounts the slave cylinder on top of the case, will have to get a different actuation arm also though and possibly a whole new magura set up.
  9. cemmons32

    Magura clutch fit from 2016 to 2017

    Anyone have a picture of the bracket that fits the 2016? Magura told me all I need to swap from 17 to 16 was the bracket so they sent me one but it does not seem to fit, can’t seem to find much as far as a parts on their web site, so I was wondering if anyone has one they post a picture of so I will know if I got the wrong part or if I’m just not as smart as the parts I’m working with.
  10. cemmons32

    Magura clutch fit from 2016 to 2017

    I just swapped from a 2017 Honda Magura setup back to a 2016. Talked to the guy at magura about it, everything will swap over except the bracket, they sold me just the bracket for $30 after shipping. I haven’t bolted anything up to confirm it yet, but he assured me all was the same on the 16 to the 17 except the slave bracket, I even have a 2017 bracket if anyone wants one.
  11. cemmons32

    What parts fits the new Honda crf 450 2017/2018?

    Wheels, levers, sprockets, pegs. I just went back to a 16 and have some stuff I took off my 17 that I am selling if you would be interested, red works connection engine plugs, ti yoshimura exhaust, blue cv4 hoses, carbon tank cover, just pm me if interested.
  12. cemmons32

    20mm offset on a 17?

    I had JM racing re valve it for me, I have had them doing my stuff for years and have always been very happy w it.
  13. cemmons32

    20mm offset on a 17?

    That is what I was considering was the xtrig setup that is adjustable between a 20 and a 22mm offset that way if I didn't like the 20 I could switch it back to the stock 22, just didn't know if i was wasting my money though. Do you think the 20mm offset with a steering stabilizer would be the ticket or not so much?
  14. cemmons32

    20mm offset on a 17?

    That is what I was afraid of was just wasting my money and making things worse. I am just looking for a more planted feeling in the front end, and to get it to change direction faster. I like a bike that handles from the front end and right now I feel like to get the bike to actually change direction I have to steer with the rear end and get the bike sliding. I love the motor and love the suspension but just want to get the front end planted so I can initiate turns with the front of the bike again like I could the 13/16 model. I have tried a lot of diff sag numbers and settled somewhere around 104/106, then I started sliding the forks up and down in the clamps, seems like nothing makes it any better/closer to what I am looking for. Have been seriously considering going back to a 16, loved how those bikes handled once I got the set up right, but hate to go back to the air fork issues.
  15. cemmons32

    20mm offset on a 17?

    Anyone running a 20mm offset clamp on their 17? Have been considering it to get the bike to corner better but was curious if anyone has tried it.