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  1. Thanks, I may have to take it to someone.
  2. From the bowl I got it about 3" up there when I curved it. Still same problem. I tried hot start while it was running and that killed it.
  3. I used a very small piece of tig wire. It seams to go a ways up there and hit some sort of seat. I'll try and find some even smaller and see if it goes further. Right now it goes about an inch below the base of the threads pilot goes into
  4. Runs better with the choke on. Almost good
  5. I put a new pilot jet in it. Same results. I'll look into the hot start now
  6. I'll pick up a new jet today and see what it does
  7. I pulled it back apart and cleans as you said only I cleaned to pilot with a wypo tip cleaner (didn't have another). It still seems to be the same. I'll try and get a new jet tomorrow
  8. I'll give it a shot and report back. Thanks
  9. I have an 06 that has always ran great. Then on my last ride I stop for lunch and after coming out it won't start. When it does start it try's hard to stall and backfires when decelerating. I've checked the valves, intake is .006 and exhaust is .008/.009. I disassembled and cleaned the carb. Checked for air leaks with a can of ether, nothing. It seams to have suddenly leaned way out. Does anyone have any suggestions. Thanks Matt