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  1. I have seen and Heard of the "OutLaw" and Will own one This Summer. It is only a matter of time before There are 2 KTM 525 Power Plants in my Garage
  2. The-Vanilla-Gorilla

    how mental is this guy

    Centrif. Force ever seen the Tube rider in Sturguis? Rides a old School Gen 1 Indian, In a straight up and down cylinder, Its all about the G's, Which I do belive was a Factor there also.
  3. The-Vanilla-Gorilla

    16 year old with a $100k 2500 HD

    Any one wanna take bets that, The truck will never see anything but pavement. Great for him if it makes him happy, but I kinda think its a waste.
  4. The-Vanilla-Gorilla

    Fasstco Flex bars????????

    I love mine, will never go back. I laid my bike down hard enough to break my knee cap and thats the only time my bars took a hit hard enough to bend them. They are awesome, take a lot of hits that normal bars would rattle your teeth out to, but they take the hits like a champ.
  5. The-Vanilla-Gorilla

    Exhaust Cut Outs

    One for each manifold...Have to agree with the Fellers' above me, might not be the best idea to run them how YOU want to.
  6. The-Vanilla-Gorilla

    '03 525sx question

    I ride Back country Badlands, Tracks, and BIG hills and mine has never let me down, it will rip up the trails out here like you would not believe. The price sounds good to me, close to what I Paid.
  7. The-Vanilla-Gorilla

    Need some Insider Help.

    Ya, its amazing how much info is in that sticky, i was just 2 stupid to see it.
  8. The-Vanilla-Gorilla

    Need some Insider Help.

    Was leaning more towards a 2-smoke for the light weight end of it.
  9. The-Vanilla-Gorilla

    Need some Insider Help.

    I have got my Girlfreind intersted in Ridin' so now of course she wants a bike but the problem is this. She is 5'2 and is having a hard time finding a bike to fit her. We have looked at 125's but they where too tall, i was wondering what some of your opinion's are. Debating about lowering springs and shaved seats. What are some of you feller's ridin that might be able to help us out here? Any KTM 105SX's ? I am a KTM Fan so ya know i am gonna be a lil more orange color favorin':thumbsup:
  10. The-Vanilla-Gorilla

    what is the best aftermarket exhaust?!

    Full FMF, and a Power core $, dunno but the 96 decebl mark
  11. The-Vanilla-Gorilla

    Rotater cuff..

  12. The-Vanilla-Gorilla

    Rotater cuff..

    I can make my shoulder snap and pop on demand and it does hurt. I was told that I have ripped the muscles that hold my shoulder into the socket, Don't want to have surgery so i guess that I will live with it for now.
  13. The-Vanilla-Gorilla

    450 Vs 525

    525's have got a LOT of low end tourque espically with Power-now.
  14. The-Vanilla-Gorilla

    what would you do?!?!?!?!?!

    It is Beautiful country out here, people are way laid back. It is something that u will have to decided for your self.