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  1. st1cky

    compression stroke

    hey guys how do i know when im on the compression stroke thanks
  2. st1cky

    crappy stock air filter?

    twin air are good i had the same problem
  3. st1cky

    Lower side panel bolt stuck in subframe...

    you guys are doing your bolts up to tight dont over tighten them they dont need to be really tight just check them before you ride and you wont loose any
  4. st1cky

    RMZ450 pictures

    i second that
  5. st1cky

    first ride on my 06 450 (cornering question)

    mine handles like a dream no probs here but i get a bit of head shake over ruff sections
  6. st1cky

    06' 250F case defect

    I purchased the bike at Mt baker motosports in Bellingham WA. They are standing behind the sale 100% & are going to take care of things. I can't say enough of their willingness to make things right & me happy. I totally commend them on this. This is a dealership that takes care of their customers. www.mtbakermoto-sports.com that is awsome
  7. st1cky

    Is a 250f to much for me???

    you could ride 1 easy man ive had 125's since i was 13 and these are much easier to ride and im now 23 and 5'8
  8. st1cky

    04 or 05

    i have an 05 and its awsome
  9. st1cky

    Torn between two bikes!!!

    i dnt reckomend a crf a alot of problems with them they are the most popular bike where i come from and they are always havn probs (valves) but it seems the same with the kxf according to this web site
  10. st1cky

    Problems with 2006 KX250F

    honda head
  11. st1cky

    still confused

    i have ridden all 3 and have to say the kawi is by far the best
  12. st1cky

    air filters

    is the 04 airfilter the same as the 05
  13. st1cky

    air filters

    is the air filter in the 04 the same as the 05
  14. st1cky

    2007 Rmz250

    fuel injection is a waste of time for 1 cylinder u would lose power plus ud have no control over air n fuel ratios plus ud have to run a computer which is extra weight
  15. st1cky


    dnt give it gas ti will foul the plug straight away but if it doesnt start within 5 kicks pump the gas only twice and then no choke and kick it over