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  1. hey nate, i have a set up similar 2 yours and my toyota hiace runs great.done around 10 thousand ks and it runs heaps better. mine is made from plumbing accessories and i think the oil companies dont want the technology 2 advance 2 much until we r just about out of oil.my truck feels like its runnin on premium fuel with fuel savings and all the things u mentioned. the best thing i like about it other than the low cost of setup and runnin is the cleaner runnin engine.this i think is because the fuel being used is burnt properly in the engine cylinders and not passing the rings into the sump causing the sump oil 2 dilute .this thin oil passes back and is causes smoke 2 blow out of the exhaust. for me its all win and i will continue 2 use:applause:
  2. terry66j

    2006 TC450 Can chain wiper fell apart

    hey mate i have an 04 te 450 and its got the valve probs everyone else has had.has yours had any dramas? im in australia and the problem was common. still i love my bike because it flys.