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  1. ship656

    Brake fluid leaking from bike?

    if the bolt is cheap i would replace it,remeber to order the washers also.the washers are made of copper so when you tighten down the line it forms a gasket,almost like a o ring would.so it may be normal if one has a lip on it.its knda hard to say with out seeing it.like radkx said it may of just come loose from the impact also.sorry im not more help.
  2. ship656

    Brake fluid leaking from bike?

    that is called a banjo bolt,you may have cracked it or one of the copper washers.i would pull the bolt out and check it over for any cracks,also when ever the bolt is removed the washers have to be replaced.there is also a chance the brake line it self broke,check that for cracks also.
  3. ship656

    Bogging problem

    do a search for ap mod,i did it to my kx250f and it worked like a charm.it kinda sound like the ap problem everyone is having with the carb.
  4. ship656

    gas overflow

    if its the black tube on the bottom of the carb then you have something (dirt)holding the needle open in the seat.if its the clear ones than i would say its float height. my 06 leaked out of the black tube,took the carb apart and cleaned it,found a small peace of dirt making the needle valve stay open all the time.
  5. ship656

    powder coating..?

    i would do them for 30 each so 60 total,if they are just the rims and i dont have to take them apart.
  6. i got mine form a local company that makes hydraulic hoses.
  7. ship656

    fork bleader things

    lol! sorry,i know its not funny.that sucks.i hate wasting money like that.
  8. ship656

    fork bleader things

    my 06 has the rubber mounts but im not sure if your 07 does.i had the stainless ones. i didnt know they made ti ones or i would of bought them!
  9. ship656

    fork bleader things

    it doesnt take much to twist the bars in the rubber mounts.i got up after i broke mine and finished my race pratice with no outher broken parts.
  10. ship656

    fork bleader things

    i had them on my bike till i fell one day and the rubber mounted bar mount moved and broke one in the cap.my day of riding was cut short.
  11. ship656

    revalve questions

    does any on have any suguestions on a revale for a 06 kx250f with showa suspension in it? im a mid pack novice rider,and my weight is 140lbs.i ride mostley whoped out sand mx tracks and some intermed.dirt mx tracks.my bighest complaint is the whoops,bracking and accel. bumps are very harsh even moving the clickers both ways.(mostley forks).any suguestions on oil height,spring rate,valve changes? my base valve looks like this and i am unsure of my mid valve. 12-30 1-22 1-30 1-29 1-28 1-27 1-26 1-25 1-24 1-23 1-22 1-21 1-20 4-19 1-18 1-22 also i have a question on forks.where does the midvalve & base valve start working? for example 1/4 stroke mid 3/4 stroke exc. thanks
  12. ship656

    1999 kx125 water in the pipe problem!!

    is the head or cylinder worped? i beleave the base gasket would not put coolant in the pipe because the piston does not go down far enough to put coolant on top of it to push it out the exhaust and coolant shouldnt get past the piston ring.where the head nuts loose? some times you may have a crack in the water jackets that leaks into the port but this might not be visable to the eye,machine shops have a special dye to find things like this i think its called magna flux.i would start with a head gasket and try that,its the cheapest for now.i am not saying this is the problem tho.let me know how you make out.
  13. ship656

    Friends 89 Kx125.. need some help...

    ive had it where the pressure plate was not siting flush on the clutch paltes,it was off one tooth.check that also.
  14. ship656

    1999 kx125 water in the pipe problem!!

    it sounds like a blown head gasket,or a cracked cylinder to me!
  15. ship656

    KX250F leak jet question

    i just did the ap mod and it took care of all my bog.