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  1. I want to get some feedback from you guys, who is planning on coming out?
  2. Endurocross

    February 11th is Round 1 of the AMA's National Hare Scramble Series in Arizona. Go to for more information or call 520-241-2353. Trea
  3. We need to get the word out that the first round of the AMA's National Hare Scramble Series will be hosted by Arizona's AMRA (Arizona Motorcycle Riders Association) The event will be on February 11th in Mammoth Arizona. Please go to for more information and to either sign up online or for your mail in entry form. The entry fee is only $45.00 and you either have to purchase a tranponsder for $15.00 or rent one for $5.00. You must also have a current AMA license. If you need further information, you can email us at or you can call us at 520-241-2353. This is sure to be an awesome event. AMRA puts on good quality events where you will be challenged and have a great time. See you at the race! Trea