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  1. its like $1600.00 for the exhaust.
  2. in opinion what is the best sounding exhaust? i found a really cool one by a company called turbo kit. its carbon fiber and it looks and sounds sweet. heres the youtube.
  3. its fu*king sick! i love it. I'm am already starting to buy all my mods. handguards, new tail light, dual-star mirrors, spider grips, sliders all the way around.. hopefully black plastics soon and come carbon fiber and exhaust and a tune boy or pc3. its so damn fast.. i will post pics soon. i hit 100 miles yesterday. i really want to go riding with other supermotos. i live in san gabriel valley, los angeles ca.
  4. I really hate that whole stock dealer tail light/plate setup. i cant seem to find any where to buy just an after market tail light to elminate that hideous thing:crazy: . any suggestions?
  5. When i went to the dealer on saturday to pick up my new sxv they sales man told me that the bike will backfire a little. he said this was because it is new. is this correct?
  6. where you from?
  7. nice bike.
  8. Any tards want to go ride this week?
  9. i was able to haggle that guy alot lower but... im still getting a better deal at spectrum. i pick up my bike tomorrow at 2. cant wait.
  10. Ok well now i cant pick up my bike till tuesday because they screwed up on my credit app. here the price breakdown. tell me what you think. and if you think i should get a better deal. sxv 5.5: 8569.00 Freight: 395.00 Setup w. derestricting: 595.00 Docs: 55.00 Licence:125.00 + 1400.00 of gear. otd = $11,930 @ 10.99%
  11. So i called spectrum motorsports today and i guess they sold my 450!! dang i guess ill just have to get the 550 what a shame.. LOL any riders in the pasadena area or san gabriel valley that would like to go ride tomorrow?
  12. where would i find info about local poker runs? im from so cal.
  13. i am extremely excited. i cant even express how stoked i am about getting this bike tomorrow. i think i will probly end up getting the 450 because im a little scared of what the 550 can actually do. perhaps the dealer may change my mind tomorrow.
  14. what are some upgrades to make the bike preform better other than exhaust and jetting?
  15. where could i find out the maintaince schedual?