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  1. So far it looks like the kenda or the maxxis for me. Now where do I get'em at? I'll have to use the net due to the fact that our local bike shop kinda stinks at stocking any thing. I realy wonder if the bathroom has ever had any extra toilet paper ordered for it, let alone stocking the parts shelves.
  2. You mean to tell me people actually pay to get them put on !? I guess I've always been to cheap. Besides three tire spoons and a six pack is a great evening avoiding folks while I'm holed up in the shop for me.
  3. I kinda like that, also any body know about a MEFO EXPLORER ? Still not pure street though.
  4. I need street onlytires on my s. Yes I know its kind of a shame and all but with the gas prices The 12 mile to a gallon truck just isnt an option any more. My question is can any body give me a reason I cant just go with a "cruiser tire" or do I have to get a "dual sport". Also what is the highest mileage tire I can get for my s. I dont care about cornering and sticky or twisties or any of that stuff that Ive spent the last couple of days reading about. Just the mileage (Think old, fat, slow commuter) Thanks guys.
  5. Just an update for the next poor sap that has this problem. pulled the carb to check floats and such. found a "foriegn object" in the main jet ! after I got it out It appered to be a little round ball of "varnished gas" or some kind of crud. looking in the float bowl I found several other "dingle berrys". when the bike stood all the way up it must have jostled them into a posistion to get sucked up.
  6. wont hurt to check I'll pull the gas cap off and find out.......If I ever get back home that is!!
  7. I looked at the air box yesterday just before I gave up for the evening and no oil in there. going to check the float and all this afternoon when I get home from pretending to work all day.
  8. Ive been there before so the kickstand switch was one of the first of MANY things removed. This isnt a split second this is forever more unless somebody gets me pionted in the right direction. please, I beg you fine folks HELP!
  9. got rid of the kickstand switch, the clutch switch is still in place. but if i understand it correctly the clutch only prevents starting or does that have something to do with running also?
  10. when i ride a wheelie for a few gears somthing changes in the carb!! my 06 "s" has the 3x3 and rejet along with a "stock but opened" pipe. all that stuff has worked fine for the last 6000 miles so I dont think I need to get into all that again. Eddie and buyoubiker really set me up great with all that stuff. when i do a short wheelie every thing seems fine, but wheen i do a really long wheelie and stand the bike all the way up to the "balance point" it still works fine but then after i sit it down i can only use about 1/8 of my throttle! it barks like it wants to go but then bogs like its starving for gas. no mater how fast or slow i twist. this happened a few days ago and i messed with all posisitions on the petcock and the choke but it just "cleared up" this time same thing but it wont "clear" full choke gives me a little more throttle but just enough to get back to the house. HELP ME GET MY DAILY COMMUTER BACK PLEASE.
  11. I started a thread a few days ago and kind of let it wander away. So I need a part # for the moose front brake line stainless steel to go on my 2006 S. The TT store only has them for 01-02 models. Can I get one for the 06.
  12. As for me the bike doesnt get any where near the "woods time" I thought it would so I'll be looking at the "outside route" myself. This is my ride to work and back so no snags here.
  13. Very true, And I did check every thing as best I could as soon as I got home on day one. Because of the trottle cables. Just wish I could have known about the brake line about 6500 miles ago. I am checking garage photos from here now to try and see what else I missed. I should mention it also took me a couple months to find out why my trip meter would never match my odomiter also, but that was at least in the manual.
  14. Ooooh reeealy? Did not know that ! Yet one more reason I WONT let the local bike shop touch my bike. When I picked it up new at the shop I had to force them to re-route the throttle cables at the grip end just so I could ride it home ( a hard left would have streched the cable if not snapped it) ! Then the chain roller fell of at 100 miles ! But thats enough ranting about a looser shop. Sounds like Moose for the line any other suggestions. How about a pic of the correct route for the front line. P.S. check out the new signature!