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  1. Phi1

    Redneck 5th Wheel

    2nd grade education + MacGyver marathon = future Darwin award recipient. Gee, I guess I could have gotten a 5er for my Suburban...lol
  2. Phi1

    Toyhauler I can tow.

    http://www.toyhaulermagazine.com/HalfTon.html A few others. I was in a similar situation as you. I've got a little 4-banger Tacoma that won't tow $hit, my wife has one of the newer 4 runners w/ the V8. After looking at the size of most of the haulers out there in the 17' foot range, I just didn't think the 4 runner would do it. Didn't figure towing would be a problem as much as tongue weight and STOPPING. Ended up buying a used 3/4t '91 suburban and a used 21 foot toyhauler for probably less than one of the brand new (at the time) ultralight trailers. If it was just me (and not the wife and 2, 80 lb Dobies) I'd definately look into one of the smaller trailers though. Now I'm in the market for a Diesel. Ahh, it's a slippery slope.
  3. Phi1

    Toyhauler I can tow.

  4. Yeah, that was one of the main selling points for me getting a gasser...I can afford one. Thanks for all the replies!
  5. Just wondering if anyone has had experience towing with one of these? Going from San Diego to Ocotillo got down to about 35mph on some of the grades (towing a 21 ft toyhauler loaded w/ 2 bikes and 100gals of H2O). Figured the Big Block might keep me moving a bit faster up hill but I've been known to be wrong from time to time . Is that about the same for everyone with a gasser towing about the same weight (ballpark of about 6K lbs)?
  6. Thanks for the tips and links guys. I put in about 50 gallons, it'll hold 100 so I was hoping to save about 400 lbs, plus it was my first desert trip in the new (to me) Burban and new (to me) TH. It was a good way to start off the season.
  7. I've always heard it's a good idea to top off the water tank on the toyhauler when you're closer to your destination to help save on gas, but does anyone know if there is a spot between San Diego and Ocotillo Wells? Send me an email if it's a closely guarded secret.
  8. True, but keep in mind it's not like Americans don't earn a single dime off imports. Case in point, if there were no Toyotas in America mdt tech would be out of his current job. Not to mention the Americans employed at Toyota (or any other foreign car maker) dealerships, the Americans employed driving the trucks that deliver all of those imported cars, the people who work in the finance companies, etc etc. It's not like every dime of profit off the sale of an imported car is going towards the "Evil Asian Empire". Don't get me wrong though, I am in no way rooting for the demise of any of the domestic auto companies, I just think there is more to the picture than simply "buy American brands to support America."
  9. Phi1

    Lightest toy hauler

    Just to clarify, are you looking for the lightest toy hauler, or the one with lowest gvwr (can handle the least amount of weight including trailer and cargo)? Looks like the Carson is physically the lightest and the WW can handle the least amount of weight.
  10. ....yeah but if I was that handy with a set of tools I wouldn't have to own Toyotas now would I? Seriously though, on the one hand I'd like to do a setup like MDT Tech's because I could have it exactly how I want it, also if anything breaks I'll know how to fix it. The biggest problem for me would be spending all of my weekends working on it when I could be riding or surfing. Also I don't really have much of a garage or workspace area to fabricate a lot of those things, more or less just a car-port type awning that I park my current trailer under.
  11. www.craigslist.com possibly ebay or rvtraderonline.com, look under toyhaulers (I've seen a lot of enclosed trailers posted under that category). Not sure how far north you live but... http://www.craigslist.com/cgi-bin/search?areaID=1&subAreaID=0&query=enclosed+trailer&catAbbreviation=sss&minAsk=min&maxAsk=max
  12. Exactly, a toyhauler is within my budget, toyhauler and new tow vehicle, nope. I pretty much figured a 16' would be my limit but they seem a bit harder to find used, especially with any extra options. I assume it's because it is cheaper to buy the 18' with all the extras standard than to add all those options to the superlite 16'. Maybe if I can get a 16' w/o the raised roof or if they make the rebel in a 16' version I could go with that. I'll just have to get in one and really see how much room there is to work with. For now it's just me, my girl our doberman and one more (doberman) on the way, so we've pretty much outgrown our little 5x10. Plus even the Rebel with no options still has more amenities than what we currently have (just won't be able to find one used any time soon). One thing's for sure, the only thing worse than taking a leak in a sand storm is trying to take a dump in one. Thanks for the input guys!
  13. I'm glad to know I (actually my fiancee) doesn't own a "real truck", could you let the company we got the auto loan through know about this? Must mean that money we owe isn't "real" either. The 4Runners (2003 year models and up w/the V8) are actually only rated for 200 lbs less than the Tundra, and about 2,000lbs more than the Tacoma. http://www.trailerlife.com/downloads/04towingguide.pdf Also, unless you get them upgraded, the Gross Weight for the FunRunners in the range I'm looking at is 7,000lbs. We will be hauling everything we currently pack into (and camp out of) a 5x10 enclosed, so I highly doubt we'll be getting anywhere near the limit weight wise, I figured wind resistance would be huge though. Hey Toyota MDT tech, do you happen to know if the reciever hitch bolted to the rear cross-member is rated for the same TW? If I remember correctly the manual said 700lbs TW with WD hitch with the tow package. Not sure if mine is considered the "tow package" on an SR5 (It does have the 7way plug already, just no airbags). Plus if you figure ideal TW is supposed to be 10-15% of your trailer weight, how would you ever "correctly" tow more than 5,000 lbs? Definately going to have to do a bit more homework, thanks for the responses.
  14. So I've been researching this for a while but there's one thing I'm still not sure about and that's the tongue weight. I found an aftermarket Class III hitch for a 4runner that will hold 750lbs TW with a WD Hitch, but Carson lists the dry TW for the 18' er as 765lbs. So if I pack most of my bikes (1, maybe 2 bikes and 1 quad plus gear) on or behind the axles you think I'll be able to lower the tongue weight enough, or would I be better off trying to find a 16' Funrunner lite? What about the water tanks? Does anyone know if they're located more towards the front or centered under the axles, and if they add much to the overall TW when filled?
  15. Phi1

    Wanna Wipe It????

    Not to whip...err...beat a dead horse or anything, but I have a couple of questions about whipping. 1. Do you ever tap the back brake to bring the nose down? Most footage I've seen, it looks like leaning the bike over and pushing the tail out (or technically up since the bike is leaned over) puts the nose lower than the ass end, so I'm assuming it's probably not necessary all the time. Plus it seems like it would be hard to get to the back brake if you were leaning to the left. 2. I'm assuming you're on the throttle some going into the whip, do you grab a handful of throttle to de-whip the bike? Again based on most footage I've seen (since I can't whip for $hit) right around the apex of the jump in the air it looks like the rider starts to position his body more vertically, almost sitting foreward on the tank, and you can see the bike kind of snap back under him. I'm assuming that's both from rider positioning and revving the throttle, correct?